We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful memorial for my mother. Rarely do I say things are "perfect", but that is the word I have been using to describe her tribute. Everyone we spoke with was kind, helpful and made us feel involved as we planned from a distance. You all made it so easy to create exactly what we wanted. She would have loved it! Grateful to have had your support.

Diana and Andrew Johnson May 05, 2022

Dear Nancy and the Entire Eannace Team, The Washington family would like to thank you for your kindness, tenderness, and, support during a very difficult time of our lives. The sense of urgency, patience, dedication, and devotion displayed to our family over the past several days was unbelievable and most certainly appreciated. Our loved one Lizzie Washington looked amazing! Lizzie's skin was vibrant, her make-up was just right, and was glowing. Our family was very impressed with the customer service and returned calls. and professionalism. Thank you so much and we will recommend anyone and everyone to your funeral home. With Grace, The Washington Family

Patricia Washington April 18, 2022

It's a little hard for me to find the right words that could express how grateful my family and I are for all that you have done for us and our father. I never knew until my father's passing that a funeral and all the events that took place leading up to it could be so beautiful. So many people had commented on how exceptionally beautiful his service was. It wasn't just any one thing, it was a combination of everything and how everyone involved was so exceptional, how my father's body was prepared for his viewing. He looked so peaceful. How exceptionally beautiful the flowers were that Tino had prepared. My sister told me that when she had first entered the room with my brother-in-law before the rest of us had arrived, she was taken back at what she saw, it looked like a small piece of paradise. I felt God's hand in all of it, in helping us and guiding us in all the decisions that were made because he knew how much we wanted to honor our father and give him a beautiful and honorable Christian Burial. We are all obviously saddened by his passing, but at the same time there was a sense of peace surrounding it and we all felt it. I have to tell you Nancy, it could have only been through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and all the arrangements God had put into place, to put the people you have working for you in your path. Adele is one of my dearest and best friends, and Olga is my Godmother and I love her to death and the fact that they were the ones working the calling hours made it all the more special. My conversations with Dominick were very comforting in his constant reassurance that everything would turn out well, but they turned out even better than I was hoping for. And David! My God, the man had brought the evening to such a beautiful end with his words and prayers. My aunts had commented that they had never been to a funeral home before that they felt the spirit of God like they did for my father. And if that wasn't enough, the Mass the next day was also exceptionally beautiful. Thanks to your staff and Father Buehler and all who were involved. The beauty of everything that had transpired carried on at the chapel in the cemetery. A friend of my father's was supposed to come and sing a song with a guitar for my father, but at the last minute he couldn't make it. So David offered to sing a song instead and he just floored everybody with an amazingly beautiful voice. My 2 aunts then proceeded to sing a song in Spanish for him. It was such an appropriate ending for him. There were so many other things that had happened surrounding my father's death and all the events that led up to it where I could see God's hand in all of it. Too many to mention. So I will end this by just saying thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you all for doing such a great job in going above and beyond in making it all that it was. God bless you all!

Steve Bosque January 21, 2022

Entrusting Mom to you resulted in a beautiful celebration of her life. Your kindness, caring, and expertise is what sets you apart from all the rest! For that I am forever grateful!

Anne Ziemann October 01, 2021

I forgot Chase. His kindness and compassion is outstanding. This was the second time Chase has helped me and I'm just amazed how he can bring you to a comfort level to bring you through a very difficult process. He's five-star in my book. ❤

Dawn Winston September 20, 2021

I don't have the words to express how grateful I am for all your help with everything and your compassion and generosity! It was and is a horrific loss of my Mom as she was all I had left besides my children. You were a blessing to me from God and I will never forget! God bless you!

Patricia Drew-Blair September 13, 2021


SHAWN DESA August 28, 2021

Dear Nancy, Thank you would never be enough when it comes to what you did and allowed me to do for my Mom's funeral. You gave me free reign and instead of telling me how to do things, i was able to tell you how and what I wanted. You made the arrangements easier and accommodated my brother's needs. Along the way, I had many requests and you welcomed my ideas and had your staff work on it. I spent 20+ years as a Funeral Director at Eannace and it is so different being on the other side. One thing I know for sure is, I would not want anyone else on this "journey that we call death" with me than you and my EFH family. The services were exceptional. She looked beautiful, the staff was friendly and accommodating. Church services were perfection and wish COVID was not so many others could have celebrated her life. I am sorry for the delay in sending this note. I had a tough time and needed some inspiration. I found it recently during a radio show. So as I said earlier, thank you is not enough for what you did from beginning to end. Your friendship is a blessing that will always remain. Love always with much gratitude for a job well done!

Jennifer Dennison Karam June 07, 2021

On behalf of the Pandolfo family, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for leading us through a very difficult time in our lives. Your compassion and quite honestly, friendship was most appreciated and much needed. All of your suggestions and choices were totally spot on. Marie looked absolutely beautiful as we sent her home. For that we will always be indebted to you. We look forward to seeing you during happier times. Many blessings and much love to you!

Rosella Pandolfo May 18, 2021

Dear Nancy, We cannot thank you enough for the incredible work by you and your team at Eannace to help our family at a difficult time. The kindness, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and dignity you show in everything you do means so much to us. We also appreciate the exceptional efforts taken to ensure safety for our family, mourners, and everyone involved in the formalities during this public health crisis. Eannace takes pride in the important work you do in the community and it shows. We appreciate you very much. Yours truly, Joe Dennison & Beth Docteur

Joe Dennison & Beth Docteur April 01, 2021

Eannace Staff, Thank you all for your extreme kindness and support during this very difficult time. We appreciate everything the entire Eannace staff did to accommodate us in our time of need. My father, our father, Eugene Militello, looked like "dad and grandpa" and for that we are very grateful. All the subtle details your staff implemented did not go unnoticed. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We truly appreciated all you did for our family. Forever grateful, Andrea & Kyle Graves & family Gina & Cliff Leech

Andrea Graves and Gina Leech March 15, 2021

I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for your time, support, kindness and caring nature during this very difficult time. We cannot express our gratitude enough for all you did to make my mom's tribute and celebration of life just beautiful. For those that did not know my mom, they got to know her through her obituary that was crafted so beautifully. There are no words for the quiet time at the funeral home that was given to us to say our goodbyes, give us peace and closure. The morning in the church, her presence radiated through every corner, and the picture of her brought her to life for everyone to see. The music was timeless and sent chills through all of us. The tender moments of tears flowing, hugs embraced will never be forgotten. The most special was for her grandchildren to hold her, speak to her, and kiss her goodbye at the cemetery. For these are moments we will treasure forever and you all made that possible for us. We appreciate all the attention to detail to make this time so special and forever lasting in our hearts. Thank you for all you do, your tireless hours of work, your genuine love and around the clock support. We just could not go another day without recognizing all of you. From the bottom of all our hearts, we thank you for being amazing.

Kelli Lasher February 17, 2021

(Hello again) I'm writing on this card to you saying, please do not stop beginning opening your heart to others. It's like shinning stars during clouds at night. You spoke to me at my lowest point with words so beautiful that I still remember to this day. So never feel down hearted at lifting someone up during hard times. Your dearest friend Charles Camp

Charles Camp October 28, 2020

To the Eannace Funeral Home Family: I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the outpouring of love I've received from you guys. From the very beginning I felt like family and I knew my mom was going to be well taken care of. Her graveside service was beyond beautiful and more than I could've asked for. My mom is at peace next to her dad and I'm confident that this is what she wanted. THANK YOU for making it all possible and helping guide my family through this difficult time. All of you are a blessing! With love, Megan Heikkinen Daughter of Diane Massey

Megan Heikkinen October 28, 2020

I can't thank you enough. The article in the paper, she looked like an angel in the coffin and her mass was heavenly. I got more phone calls re: the mass God Bless you and again, I can't "Thank You" enough. Much love Kathy

Kathy Congelo October 28, 2020

Nancy & Wonderful Staff, From the moment Dominick and Derrick arrived at my home until the final minutes at the cemetery everyone was compassionate and professional. Your gifts to our family mean a great deal to us. Thank you. My father would have been pleased with everything. We were able to honor him even during these extraordinary times thanks to all of your attention to detail. Carl Ciccarelli

Carl Ciccarelli October 28, 2020

Dear Nancy and entire staff, My family and I would like to thank you for all the love and support you have given us over the last couple of years. Words can’t even express the kindness , comfort and compassion shown to all of us. You took both our parents, Fran and Joe Chambrone into your care and we will be forever grateful for the beautiful services you provided to celebrate their wonderful lives . Your professionalism and genuine manner is towards our family during the difficult times can never be compared. We are forever grateful for everything you have done for my parents lives well lived . Thank you, The family of Frances 2/10/18 and Joseph 8/2/20 Chambrone.

Rosemary Chambrone Brown September 11, 2020

Nancy & entire Eannace, Thank you so much for the thoughtful care you showed to my mom, Helen Alfano, and in supporting me and my entire family. It was a beautiful, simple service and I know my mom would have approved. Also the "pasticiottis" were amazing and so thoughtful of you to remember, "chocolate only." You and your family have taken care of me and my family for decades and I am eternally grateful for your presence in our lives. Utica is so fortunate to have such a caring, professional, and dedicated business taking care of lost loved ones. Sincerely, Beth Zollars & Family

Beth Zollars & Family July 06, 2020

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and compassion in helping us deal with the loss of my mother. I was fortunate and blessed to have her in my life as long as I did, but as a result, that void I feel is that much more deeper. You are truly an amazing team and we are forever grateful for the support and professionalism displayed. With love and sincerity, Maria and Mark Palumbo and Family

Maria and Mark Palumbo and Family March 05, 2020

Nancy, I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your kindness and compassion at a most difficult time for me and my family, and the beautiful funeral you arranged for Ciccio. You are so blessed at what you do and how perfectly you do it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You, Angela Capirci

The Capirci Family January 16, 2020

Scott, Lea, Chris, Dominick, Chase, Mike, Marie, Ron & Marie, To all of you beautiful people we say - Thank you. Thank you for all the love and compassion and support you all showered our family with during and after the loss of our beautiful daughter Erin Lizabeth. What you all do is beyond appreciated! God Bless you all always. With much love - xo Rodney, Kelhi & Family

Rodney & Kelhi Giarrusso & Family December 31, 2019

Nancy, Where do I begin to thank you? Sometimes a thank you doesn't say enough when I'm trying to express my gratitude for all that you have done for my family and I. Your genuine love and compassion goes back to my daughter, dad, sister and now my mom. I cannot express how much I appreciate everything. Nancy, you go above and beyond for people in their most difficult and saddest time in their life. The love, kindness, support, guidance, compassion, empathy and gentle ways you give, make you one of a kind, a perfectionist. You are like I've always said and always will say... "The Best" my friend. This is passed onto your wonderful staff. All of you made everything so much easier for us. My mom's wake was so beautiful and her funeral was such a class act. You made sure she went out in style and grace, thank you so much. You were so right about the cookies, coffee and tea... and I doubted you? Thank you for doing that and for the delicious pastries after the funeral. Again thank you Nancy, you really are "The Best". Love, Julie

The Galimo Family September 18, 2019

Nancy, I wanted to thank you and your wonderful team again for all the arrangements and beautiful service for our mother, Patricia Alito. We were treated as family down to the smallest detail. Your help and guidance through all of the decisions were invaluable to us during a very difficult time. There is a reason that so many in our family have relied on Eannace over the years and that is because you and your team treated all of us as family and took great care with every part of the arrangements. Thank you again from all of us. David Alito Julie Walk

The Alito Family November 12, 2019

Nancy & Team, The outpouring of kindness and compassion over the last few weeks has been such an incredible source of comfort. As we reflect on the last month, all we want to do is find a way to thank all the people who lifted us up. While we would never be able to say thank you to everyone, we needed to recognize the people who impacted us the most - starting with all of you! Sharing this experience with the entire Eannace Team has brought us so much gratitude and most importantly, peace. You all give compassion and kindness so freely there is no better testament to the kind of people you are. It is so powerful to look back on, and only retrospectively can we truly see the care you provided, gave us strength , and hope that we would get through those grueling days. A special thank you to Nancy, for your professionalism, your guidance, your unwavering patience and your continued love for our family. Chase and Scott - the standard of care you provide, from the timeliness of your responses to always finding the perfect words, compassion pours out of you both and it is so easy to see how immensely vital you both are to this entire process. David - I am so grateful Nancy led us to you. Your service was powerful and you have such an authentic spirit, it's impossible to not feel warmth from you. To run a business while balancing the emotional well being of your clients is truly an act, and you all do it with such grace. Thank you for being such a bright light during our darkest days, we are eternally grateful. All our love, Donna, Victoria, and Patrick Cardillo

Donna, Victoria & Patrick Cardillo November 05, 2019

To the staff of Eannace Funeral Home, Our family would like to thank your whole staff for the thoughtfulness and compassion you showed us. You all went above and beyond - including fixing a broken shoe for my granddaughter. Please thank the pallbearers for us also. Thank you again for everything. It was a beautiful day. Sincerely, The Family of Mary Perta

The Family of Mary Perta November 05, 2019

Nancy, Thank you for your kindness, understanding and compassion during Aunt Josey's passing. You have a wonderful staff. All our love and blessings. Jessie, Jim, Mark, Diana, Don and Greg

The Terzo Family September 18, 2019

Thank you, to you Nancy & your staff, for making this most difficult and heartbreaking time for myself, my Dad and our entire family, go smooth and be lovely for my dear sister whom we will never get over losing her. She was and always will be the best daughter & sister ever. I have comfort knowing that she is with out mother. Love always, Tryce & Family

Tryce Newman & Family August 15, 2019

Dear Nancy, Chase & Scott First, I want to thank Scott & Chase for their compassion and professionalism in handling Michael's cremation. They were both so kind and supportive to me the day I picked up Michael. Nancy, thank you for your expertise in always knowing what to do and how to handle every situation. The laminated obituary cards were beautiful and I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. I couldn't have asked for better service and I owe you for your generosity, compassion and support for me and my family. Love you guys. Sincerely, Joann Owens

Joann Owens July 11, 2019

Dear Nancy & Staff, We want to thank you for the extraordinary care given to my family form you and your family. Your kindness, generosity, and compassion will never be forgotten by us. You came through as always in our hour of need. Thank you for taking care of Michael with such dignity and grace. We will never forget all you have done for us and we appreciate you. Sincerely, Joann Owens, Sean & Max Owens, Katherine Dennihy, Bob & Lucy Brodowski, Michael Brodowski & Melissa, Anita Pariseau and Tim Burke

The Family of Michael Owens June 24, 2019

Nancy, Christine, Dominick, David & Staff. Words can not say how we feel with the service you provided for our Mom. It was "TOP NOTCH" from the beginning. To this day our friends tell us what a beautiful job you did and never had a funeral home made them feel like it was so welcoming as yours. We can't say thank you enough and I am so glad my Mom wanted to change to Eannace Funeral Home to be her final place to be visited before going home. You guys & ladies made her look beautiful as she was! Nancy you weren't kidding when you said you would make us feel like we were @ home with Mom & we love you for this. Your staff is top notice! Have to say we found our new Family Funeral Home! Love, Jon & Lisa Fitch & the Family of the Late Barbara J. (Jacobs) Fitch

Jon & Lisa Fitch May 29, 2019

Nancy & Staff, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so classy, elegant, dignified, kind, gentle and so much more to make this most difficult time so much easier to go through. What you did was so thoughtful and so greatly appreciated! Your work is majestic, a true gift and blessing to those you help. We are so grateful! We had more praise and beautiful accolades of just how superior and heart touching the obituary was. God’s hand and direction helped all of us produce the most honorable event for my father and for us. I know my dad was smiling, so proud and is continuing to do so. Love the Longeretta Family.

Longeretta Family May 22, 2019

Dear Eannace Family – Thank you so much for all that you have done for us with the passing of our father. There was no detail left undone – down to the beautiful “Welcome Home” rose from out mother. God Bless You All – The family of Thomas Morosco.

Morosco Family May 13, 2019

Mike & Nancy, we cannot thank you both enough for everything! The care, kindness & love you have given us during this time is beyond what we could have ever asked for or expected. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Alex, Racheal & Caragh

Alex & Racheal Bumbolo May 01, 2019

Thank you so much for all you did for our family to make this easier. You are all TOP NOTCH in your business. Thank you. Sincerely from the DeRosa Family. We really appreciate all you took care of for us. Debbie DiNitto

Debbie DiNitto April 10, 2019

Dear Dominick, Thank you for not only your professionalism but mostly your compassion to use at this most difficult time. You treated us like family and took time to do it all, in honor, and in memory of my mother. You are a reflection of God’s love and we’re blessed to call you a friend. With a heavy heart but a most appreciative one too... we sincerely thank you. God bless you. Sincerely, Lori & Joe Nobles

Lori & Joe Nobles February 15, 2019

Dear Nancy, Thank you & your caring staff for honoring Theresa Buccolo so beautifully. It meant so much to my father-in-law to have her taken care of so well. He grief was certainly alleviated a bit. It was a pleasure meeting you, and again, thank you for everything during that difficult week. Deb Buccolo

Deb Buccolo February 21, 2019

Dear Nancy & Staff, We just wanted to tell you how very grateful we are for everything you did for Mom. We were so very pleased with the way it all was taken care of. You made sure to handle each and every detail even down to the smallest ones. Our hearts & minds were so at ease from the first time we sat down with you Nancy until the last minute of the service. You are all so caring, loving, & most of all SO professional. Our Mom had gone though such a hard ordeal prior to her passing, but when we saw her for the first time at the funeral home it was as if all of that was washed away. We were just amazed at how beautiful she looked. Everyone remarked to us that she looked absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. And that is was put us at ease. Her peacefulness radiated all around her. So for that we will forever be grateful. You and your staff are truly the best of the best. And we would without hesitation highly recommend wholeheartedly your services to anyone in need. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Fran, Sandy, MaryBeth, Terry & Families.

The Family of Caroline Seminaro February 15, 2019

Dear Nancy, Thank you. Knowing you were there in a difficult and trying time was most comforting. Sincerely, Ruth & John Nicotera

Ruth & John Nicotera February 15, 2019

Nan & Mike, I just wanted to truly let you know how appreciative I am of all that you did for my family and I during my grandpa's services. You helped to ease the pain and left no details out. It is amazing people like you that help to make the hard days a little easier. I was amazed at how smooth everything took place, from start to finish. You really are the best at what you do, and you deserve some praise for that. Love you both, xoxo, Jenna.

Jenna Ward February 05, 2019

To the Eannace Staff. I will keep yous in my prayer. Also for taking good care of my grandson Terry Smith. I love you all. Stay sweet like you do. From the King Family for all the nice work you did. Tommy King & Family

Tommy King & Family December 23, 2018

Dear Nancy, I would like to thank you and everyone at Eannace Funeral Home for your kindness and compassion. Everyone went above and beyond our expectations, doing more than we could have hoped for and making a difficult time easier. Sincerest thanks from our family. Gary Price

Gary Price December 23, 2018

To the Wonderful Eannace Funeral Staff, We want to thank all of you for all the kindness and support you showed to our family during Dad's services. Your outstanding professionalism did not go unnoticed. Your attention to detail, especially concerning our needs, was so much appreciated. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. With much love, Ken, Michelle & the Ward Family

Ken, Michelle & the Ward Family December 14, 2018

Your love, kindness and compassion during this sad time will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the very beautiful and memorable farewell to Bill - He loved you and so do we! Love and blessings, Janette & Family

Janette Chanatry December 06, 2018

Thank you for the care you gave to our aunt. Your compassion, assistance and thoughtfulness during this difficult time were much appreciated. Thank you for helping us honor her life and taking her to her final resting place. God Bless - The Vella Family

The Vella Family December 06, 2018

You are amazing people who made a journey easy and comforting with all your love and compassion. You made Jimmy so happy! Thank you for your hard work and friendship. Thank you for all you did for Jimmy... everything was perfect. You are very generous and compassionate. Thank you for helping through a difficult time. Jimmy was smiling for all you did for him. Love, Thalia

Thalia Hunter December 01, 2018

Nancy, I want to thank you for all your love & caring shown to me at this sad time. The portrait you gave as a gift will always be cherished. You are a beautiful, lovely and great person. Love, Denise Maugeri

Denise Maugeri November 12, 2018

Dear Nancy, It was very nice to meet you this past weekend, although I wish it was under different circumstances. Thank you and your entire team for making Bill’s services personable and special. You made everyone feel welcome. Your organization and attention to every detail was very noticeable. As you know, Bill was a very big part of everyone’s lives at Chanatry’s and I could tell that he has a special place in your heart as well. Thank you for allowing all of us at Chanatry’s to have an intimate moment with Bill. Also, thank you for coming up with the idea for the employees to be outside in front of the store as part of Bill’s procession; that meant a great deal to us. Please extend our gratitude to everyone on your team. Thank you, Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks November 07, 2018

Dear Nancy, Mike & Staff of Eannace Funeral Home, Words cannot express how thankful we are for the beautiful tribute you organized for our dad. You and your staff went above and beyond taking care of every detail which allowed us to feel at peace during this most difficult time. Your genuine kindness and compassion provided us comfort and will never be forgotten. Please know how incredibly appreciative we are for you and did to make dad’s farewell so memorable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and as dad would say, “Love laced with God’s best blessings” With Sincere Gratitude, The Chanatry Family

The Chanatry Family October 22, 2018

Dear Dominick, Many thanks to you, Chase, David, Sarah, Christine, Carm and the rest of the staff for your superior handling of the funeral arrangements for my father. Eannace did a beautiful job as usual and we received many compliments on the lovely service. In particular my father would have been very pleased with the Military Honors at the end. Best, Nancy Ciancaglini & Family.

Nancy Ciancaglini & Family September 07, 2018

Dear Dominick, Thank you very much for everything you and your colleagues did for our family by working with dad on his plan, and helping our family during our time of grief. Best Regards, Steve

Steve Aceti September 02, 2018

Nancy, We are so appreciative of the loving care you and your staff showed to our mom and our family. She looked beautiful and the services were perfect. Thank you for your special consideration. We greatly appreciate it. With Love, Sal & Lois DeTraglia

Sal & Lois DeTraglia August 31, 2018

Dear Nancy & Eannace Funeral Home Family, I wanted to express my gratitude & appreciation for your services. The passing of my sweet uncle: Gerald Trotta has been hard on us all. Your beautiful services, hosts and facility were nothing short of amazing. Your organization, attention to detail and compassion stunned me. Your obituary was perfect and my family truly loved it too. My Nanny, Marie Luce, is most definitely The Matriarch of the family and it warms my heart that you can see this too. Our family is so blessed and grateful to have your support and friendship. Thank you for everything! Best Wishes, Samantha Luce

Samantha Luce August 31, 2018

Thank you for making this sad event less painful with your thouroughness and thoughtfulness. Kathi Delphia

The Young Family July 16, 2018

Dear Nancy - Your kindness made a difference and your thoughtfulness touched my heart. Thank you for everything you did to create a beautiful tribute to my dad. I'm especially appreciative for the Coast Guard honors. You helped to make a difficult time with a tense family situation more comforting. Please thank Chase, Taylor, & Dom, as well the rest of your staff for their support.

Kelly Thorp May 01, 2018

Nancy and staff, THANK YOU!... and God bless you all! To Nancy, for taking my call, and for addressing my concerns... To Dominick, for explaining things and for walking us through the process... To the entire staff who worked for and with us... To all of you who helped make my brother's farewell beautiful, dignified, and personal. Thank you for accommodating us and making a difficult time tolerable. With sincere appreciation, Jim Amado

The Amado Family March 18, 2018

Dear Dominick, Thank you so much for everything, for your kindness and generosity. We truly love and appreciate you. God Bless you. Love, Kalil, Theresa, Regina, Hannah and Sarah

The Moses family February 25, 2018

Dear Chase, Taylor and Entire Staff, Thank you for taking so much off my plate. Thank you for your warmth, humor and compassion. I chose your funeral home because you are a “class act”. I have watched your work at many funerals & I knew you were the ones! From my phone conversations with Marie to my first meeting with Nancy, I have felt so nurtured and taken care of. Thank you for giving a great man a great send off! Love, Joanne Yacovella

Joanne Yacovella February 05, 2018

Dear Nancy and Staff, My most sincerest appreciation for the devotion and comfort you generously give to those you serve. I cannot thank you enough for all you do, and not realize how much you effect others in numerous ways. My prayers for your continual prayers and health. Most Sincerely, Fr. LaFache

Fr. LaFache January 14, 2018

Dear Nancy and team, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful send off for Connie. Everything was beautiful. Thank you for the pastries that were sent to Ventura's, it was delish. Thank you again, Rachel

The Paternoster Family December 10, 2017

Nancy, Our deepest gratitude to you and your staff for the outstanding service you provided during our time of bereavement. From our first phone call, we felt assured of your professionalism and genuine care of our brother John. Not meaning to leave anyone out, we would like to especially thank Rene Mercado for his intercession with the Costa Rican personnel. Our ignorance of the spanish language left us at a huge disadvantage, with Rene's help, we felt less hopeless in that area. Our Thanks to Dominick and Chase for their follow-up phone calls. Also to Lea who was available and amenable to changes for the obituary. The detail you paid to the services does not go without notice. The DVD was beautiful and the photo was a sweet touch. Monday's visit with Christine left us at ease. We appreciate her offer of future assistance. Finally, thank you for your donation of the cookies, much appreciated by all. Cathy, Joe, Patty, Mike and David

The family of Dr. John J. Altieri December 10, 2017

Nancy, Please accept our sincere thanks for taking care of "everything". You and your staff have always gone above and beyond and it does not go unnoticed. Best Regards, Bill, Lisa and Amanda Fridley

The Fridley Family August 13, 2017

Dear Nancy & amazing staff, We don’t know where to begin thanking you and your staff for everything you did for us during a very difficult time. With our minds in a fog, you guided us beautifully through the process. We will never forget your attention to detail and the amount of time you selflessly gave us. Not only was your advice perfect, you carried us ever so graciously through it all. We looked amazing because of you – the church, flowers, AMAZING obituary that I heard repeatedly how it was the best someone saw, the priest, the songs, readings, everything. You even went as far as wiping my father’s tears. We are so grateful to you and your staff that we’re not sure there are enough words to properly express our genuine gratitude. You made a very difficult process come together extremely smoothly, and for that and your love and kindness we will forever be grateful! With love, Tina & Angela Arcuri & families

Verna Family August 11, 2017

Dear Nancy. I would just like to thank you and all of the wonderful members of your work family. We have been through this more times than I care to remember and you all make our worst times so much easier. You truly are the best. You were a very important person to my grandmother, she adored you and your parents as well. Thank you for all that you always do but especially what you have done for us. We treasure you as such a special part of the family. We can never thank you enough. Love you always!!

Lindsay Guido July 14, 2017

Nancy & Staff, I just wanted to Thank you and tell you again how beautiful my Aunt's services were. I found them the best I have ever experienced and I will be making it a point to use Eannace for myself. I have told everyone what a beautiful service it was as well as your standard for uncompromising quality. Theresa

Theresa Mancuso June 06, 2017

Dear Nancy, Mike & family, We just want to thank all of you for the most wonderful, compassionate, and perfect service that was given to us at one of the most difficult times of our lives. Our mom looked absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect blouse for her. She would have just loved it. We’re sure when our Dad and sister Rose Marie greeted her at Heaven’s door they were so proud of her. Thank you so much for your good taste. We miss her so much. She was a wonderful, sweet lady and a joy to care for. Even at 97 years old we were still not prepared for this. There is such a big void in our lives. It still doesn’t seem real. We’re sure with time it will be easier to cope, as we know from our previous heartaches. Again, thank you for an outstanding job. All our loves, Toni’s “girls” & Uncle Bob too

Bottini Family May 31, 2017

Dear Nancy, Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am with the outstanding services you provided during my brother Thomas Powroznik's passing. You made Tom look so good, I was amazed. He looked like he was alive and sleeping. Beautiful job, perfection to the maximum. Your hands are so gifted and talented with every touch you make. Your entire staff goes above and beyond their warm, caring and kind hearted professionalism. My family was awe struck with every detail and the manner in which your staff approached every aspect of their jobs with elegance, class and concerns. I have never encountered anyone remotely close to your stellar business attributes. You are one in a million; a remarkable woman who's an asset to the entire community and surrounding areas. You made me feel comfortable, cared for and loved as a sister. May God's many blessings and graces fill your heart and home with his never ending love for you and for those you hold so dearly and close to your heart for many, many more years to come. My family is well aware the only place I wish to be when I pass is at your place. Nothing else will ever do for me. Love, Lucy Powroznik Yapaolo

The Powroznik Family April 29, 2017

Dear Nancy, Mike, & Staff, We just wanted to thank you for making this difficult time in our lives as easy as it could have possible been. Your advice, knowledge, and compassion was second on to your professionalism. We are forever grateful. Theresa & family

The Family of Ronald Smith April 04, 2017

Dear Nancy, There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for you and your wonderful staff who helped me with such tender loving care during the most difficult time of my life. I love and miss my loving and dear husband so very much. He was my heart. Thank you for the beautiful picture of Joe which I have placed in a special place in our favorite room. I love that smile on his face which makes him unforgettable. My special thank you for your personal gift to the bereavement luncheon. Thank you my dear and wonderful friend, Maria Elena Heck

Maria Elena Heck March 24, 2017

During such a difficult time, your kindness meant so much, and your thoughtfulness was really touching. Just a few words to thank you for all you did for my dear sister. You and your staff treated her with such kindness and love. Your job is not an easy one, trying to give happiness to people who have lost their loved ones, but God has blessed you with such a wonderful personality, it is easy to become close to you in a time of need. Keep up the good work! I will never forget everything you did for my family and will always hold you dear to my heart.

Sylvia Amoroso March 17, 2017

To the staff at Eannace Funeral Home, On behalf of the Brown family, brothers and sisters of Judy Eaton, we want to thank you all for the efforts for Judy and our family. The service was beautiful, your compassion and understanding are greatly appreciated. Yours in Christ, Charles C. Brown

The family of Judy Eaton January 10, 2017

Nancy, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your very personal touch and support in helping us arrange the celebration of Dad's life. You have always held a special place in both of my parents' hearts. Thank you! Please extend our gratitude to Dominick, Chase, Le and all of the Eannace staff for their special care of us. Mark Potenza

The Potenza family January 10, 2017

Thank you for easing the burden of our loss and for your professionalism and that of your staff during a very difficult time. We were very happy with the lovely service for Josephine and with all the arrangements you helped us with.

Ciancaglini Family December 14, 2016

Dear Nancy, I want to thank you and your staff for your professionalism and kindness during the services for my mother Marie Evans. I cannot tell you how impressed we all were with the compassion, kindness and organization that was displayed by you and your staff. Everything was perfect and yes, Mom and Dad were smiling down from heaven. You and your staff are awesome. Thank you so much Nancy, for being there for us in our greatest need. Kudos to Chase and Porter. Love Rebecca Poltack

Evans family December 08, 2016

Thank you and everyone for everything. I cannot find the words to express our gratitude to every single person from the Eannace "family." We never will forget the compassion that each of you showed to us. God bless you all, Cathy Nicotera

The Monescalchi family October 27, 2016

Dear Nancy and the wonderful people who worked and loved Bobby We thank you all for everything you did with and for Bobby over the years. Your friendship, love, support and good humor will always be in our hearts and appreciated. We will forever think of you all as our "other" family.

Chris, Deanna, Kellie Gelfuso

Dear Nancy, Chase, Sister Betty and Staff This is not only a thank you card but a true appreciation for your kind and gracious manner in helping us with Dad's Memorial service and final resting arrangements. SInce arriving from out of state during an emotional time, Eannace Funeral Home helped us to honor our father's life with ease and utmost respect. Thank You all for your efforts and we truly appreciate the above and beyond services provided.

Al and Mary Castano October 25, 2016

Both our moms passed away within eight (8) months of each other. Though both had health issues over the past several years, their deaths were unexpected. Nancy and her staff took great care of our moms, our family, and us. Nancy anticipated our needs. Her attention to detail, caring nature, and professionalism made a very difficult situation so much more comfortable. Both our moms looked beautiful and at peace. They looked as they did in their prime. The funeral services were a true tribute to each of our moms. They would have been very pleased. Many thanks to Nancy and her staff for their exemplary service and compassion. Carla & Frank Percia

Carla & Frank Persia October 13, 2016

There are very few words that can adequately express our appreciation for the quality of service we experienced during our time of grief. Every aspect of the process that needed to be performed was clearly explained to our complete satisfaction. The staff made every effort to make things as clear as possible. Their professional attitude and consideration for what we were going thru made the best of a mournful time in our life. We can not thank them enough.

Joe Caramato September 11, 2016

Dear Nancy and staff, Words alone cannot express my appreciation for all you kind words and compassion for me during this difficult time. The services provided were extraordinary. I will never forget all you did for me during a very trying time in my life. May God bless you always, Josephine Hebert-Addington

Antoinette Fanelli July 25, 2016

Dear Nancy, Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your compassionate support and guidance following our mom’s passing and in the days and weeks that followed. You graciously assisted us from the initial meeting through the funeral and beyond as did you wonderful staff. During such a time of grief and shock, you provided us a safe haven as we leaned on you to navigate this extremely sad journey and said goodbye to our precious mother. Nancy, you are an angel and there is no one finer to whom we would have entrusted the care of mom. Thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts. With much love, Denise, Mark, and Karla

The Basi Family July 11, 2016

On behalf of my entire family, We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for arranging our mother’s final journey home. You were all so accommodating in every way possible and this made the process easy to go through. The slide show of pictures truly was magnificent and it enabled us to celebrate life rather than remember her death. You have an amazing organization that helped us significantly at a very difficult time. Thank you! Family of Cecelia Milozzo

The Milozzo Family July 11, 2016

Dear Nancy, It was a perfect tribute to Phil, thanks to you. I’m sure he was proud; we are, too. We couldn’t have made it through such a difficult time without your loving support. Thank you and God Bless! Gloria, Linda, Camille Sciortino

Sciortino Family June 24, 2016

To all Eannace Staff, Thank you all for you did to help us celebrate dad’s life. Your attention to detail and quality work. You are all truly compassionate people. The Tolfa Family

The Tolfa Family June 08, 2016

Good morning, I would like to thank Nancy and the staff at Eannace Funeral Home for the care and exceptional service for my Mom – Connie Longo. Words simply cannot express our gratitude for everything you did to make my mother’s funeral a comforting and uplifting experience. At a very difficult time, the helpfulness you all extended to our family was most appreciated and will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Scott Phillips

The Longo Family May 23, 2016

Dear Nancy and Staff, On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to thank you for everything done for us during the difficult time of Joe’s passing. As usual, you make things look easy. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Fondly, Rosalie

Rosalie Colacicco May 10, 2016

Dear Nancy, Thank you for your professional service and personal attention to every detail you provided to our family. Your staff did an outstanding job! Your compassion and understanding was amazing. I enjoyed you immensely. Best wishes, Joe and Dan DeCesare

Joe and Dan DeCesare April 19, 2016

Thank you so much for the caring and comfort you provided to myself and my family following the passing of our mother. The entire staff was courteous, compassionate and professional throughout the entire process. The funeral itself was beautiful and would have definitely met with our mothers approval. Thank you also for making a tremendously difficult situation a little easier to endure and for your continued friendship.

Caldwell Family April 17, 2015

Nancy, Thank you for all your help and support in arranging mom's service. It truly turned out beautiful and everything was just perfect. Your love and support gave me the strength to get through this difficult time. No words can vever express just how special a person you are. You not only honored mom , but I am honored to be considered a friend and family. A special note of Thanks - straight from the heart. Love Chris Eck

Morgia Family August 22, 2014

Dear Nancy & Staff, Thank you so much for making our mother's funeral a "Sweet Celebration". She would have loved all the details and would have been so pleased to know " the coffee was on". Your professionalism and caring made it very comfortable for us to say "Goodbye". Fondly, Angela Meola Patty Sanders

Mary R. Fusco September 24, 2013

Dearest Nancy, There are no words to truly express to you, how much you mean to our family. You helped us deal witha difficult situation, the loss of my mother, a little bit easier to bear. I cannot thank you enough and truly apprciate your professionalism and heartfelt concern for all of us. The loss of my mother has left a void in my life... and I know that the void may never really go away. But I know with precious people like you in my life.I love you dearly, respect you and truly appreciate you and what you do for so many people. Much love Carla Nemecek

Shirley DiCesare September 18, 2013

There are not enough Than You's to express my appreciation for the service to my family. But let me try one anyway. Than you Nancy for your kindness, expertise and attention to details-not to mention tolerance. Than you Chris for honoring my request at the grave by arranging potting sil and Thank you for every detail.

John B. Fusco, Jr. August 08, 2013

Nancy and Staff, Thank you for the flowers, they are absolutely beautiful, the ybring back many memories. Love and prayers Rose

Rose Gross August 08, 2013

Nancy- Thank you so much for the compassion and caring you showed to our entire family. Sincerely, Dick, Gina Graniero and family

Carmelita "Carm" (DeRosa) Graniero December 10, 2012

Dear Michael, Nancy and the entire Eannace Funeral Home family. We very much apprciate your kindness. Your words were so thoughtful and helpful during a time when these things mean so much. Your skill and level of professionalism have surpassed our expectations. Although this is your business, you have removed the "business" and made us feel so comfortable during an uncomfortable time.

Gigliotti Family

On behalf of the entire Laterza family I would like to thank you for your excellence and professionalism during our time of grief and need. Your staff was very courteous, professional, and organized throughout. Your compassion and uniformed manner of conduct was not over looked and noticed by all who came . I personally would like to single out Martaon Ciaccia and Nancy Eannace. You helped make the process alot easier and were right there for everything we needed. A better experience considering the situation we could not have asked for more. Everyone was happy with the arrangements, ceremony and servcies as a whole. Which in short is why our family entrusts you during our very trying times..

Laterza Family

Dearest Nancy, I cannot begin to express how much youment to us in our most difficult time. You made a very dreaded time more tolerable and comforting to me and my family. So for that I will always be grateful to you. I also need you to know Nancy how very relieved I was in the respectful and sensitive way your staff and funeral directors were in handling all aspects of my moms wake, funeral and burial. We are all so fortunate to have such a loved and compassionate funeral home in our area. So from the bottom of my heart Than You for everything. Sincerely with love. Donna

Sambor Family July 16, 2012

Dear John My family and I cannot tell you how deeply touched and completely blown away we are regarding the level of professionalism everyone at Eannace displayed throughout the entire process. One word that everyone that came in contact with someone with Eannace used to describe you as "Sincere". We felt that all of you genuinely cared about our family. EVERY detail was cared for.You made a very difficult situation so much more bearable and comfortable for all of us. A special THANK YOU to you and Sister Betty. The two of you are very special people and we were blessed to have the two of you to help with our Father's Home Going. Again, Thank you so very, very much. Regards, Jai R. Dorsey

James Dorsey June 15, 2012

Dear Nancy, I've been putting off sending this note-trying to come up with the right words. The words that can explain how grateful my mom, Angela and I are to you and your staff. Everything was perfect! My dad was smiling. Forever grateful for all you did. God will bless you and your staff. On one of my daily visits to see Dad - I stopped to chat with your parents. I told them how very proud they must be of you. You have continued honoring them and the family name! Please extend our gratitude to your staff from "Serafino's Three Girls" Each and every one of them touched our hearts. Fondly, Martha

Montana Family June 07, 2012

To the Eannace Family: My family and I would like to Thank You for the kindness you extended to us during the wake of Rosemarie Percacciante. My mother who is 93 years old was not made to stay in line but escorted directly to pay her respects to Rosemarie. Your genuine thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Your staff is so sincere and most thoughtful. Sincerely Suzanne Ragnocki

Suzanne Ragnocki and Family May 06, 2012

Jack and I and the family wish to express our gratitude to you and your entire staff for the compassionate care you showed us when our mom Josephine passed away. You relieved us of the burden of her final arrangements with your professional expertise and utmost attention to detail. Everything that you did from your first visit to the house, to the final moments of the funeral, and interment was handled with exquisite professionalism, compassion and repect. We felt mom's funeral was dignified and elegant. Mom looked so peaceful and beautiful. We want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation and our family has the highest regard for you, your staff and Eannace Funeral Home. With much gratitude, Rosetta LaPaglia and family.

LaPaglia Family April 03, 2012

Nancy & Staff, Our family would like to express our appreciation to you and your staff for the beautiful services provided for our beloved husband and father.

Lucy Daniels & Family March 06, 2012

Our entire family would like to thank you for the wonderful way in which you took care of our dear father. We will forever be grateful for the beautiful send off he received. The mass, music, the military honors and the perfection of how it was carried out was just as he would have wanted it.

The Grande Family March 06, 2012

I just wanted to let you know how exceptionally happy we were with the services for my mother Jennie Belmont. I just can't thank the staff enough and Nancy you are "Top Notch".

Nikki Fraccola February 17, 2012

Dear Nancy: I just want you to know how much we all appreciate what you did for us, all of the planning, organization, caring and love that you showed to everyone. Words cannot express what I feel and how wonderful we were all treated and thank you for having the patience, the courage, and the love to make a difference. Thank you so much Love you Sandy G

Sandy Gaetano February 10, 2012

Dear Nancy: Thank you very much for the help of Eannace Funeral Hometo make the memorial service for Sister Rose Vincent such a apecial event. The beautiful framed picture, the guest book, the prayer cards and the personal attention from your staff and particularly Chris Abbass and John Lill was truly appreciated by everyone in attendance. Thank you again for all of your caring and thoughtfulness.

Richard Ketcham January 22, 2012

To the Management and Staff at Eannace Funeral Home: It is with a heavy heart but much appreciation that I am writing to you today. I know this will be hard to believe, but at 48 this was the first time I have experienced a death so close to me and the first time I ever attended a wake or funeral. I had no idea what to expect. SOmehow I thing God knew that, and provided the best, most profressional service he could find-which was your funeral home. From the very beginning, sitting down with Nancy and having her review everything should have been overwhelming. But she did it with such grace and patience and that beautiful tender voice of hers, it was like having an angel talking to us. I still am amazed at how every detail was taken care of. Every single person on your staff made me feel like I had made a new friend as soon as I talked with them. Anything my family or I needed was addressed.This should have been the worst experience of my life, and somehow all of you at Eannace Funeral Home made it bearable, if not even pleasant. My dad looked so beautiful and so natural. After hearing what he went through prior to dying, I never expected him to look so good. It was reassuring. The prayers, the music, everything was truly perfect. My dadwould have been so pleased. God Bless You All and the work you do. You are so very good at it. I am so sorry I don't live in Utica, because when it is my time to go, I would want all of you to be there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Natalie A. Rocci-Kielar Ph.D.

Natalie A. Rocci-Kielar December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy, I would like to again personally thank you and your entire organization for the outstanding service you provided for Officer Tom Lindsey and his family. The ceremony was flawless. Please know that your care and concern for those in this community who have special needs does not go unnoticed. Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr.

Anthony J. Picente Jr December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy & Staff: My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving my husband, father and grandfather the most wonderful send off anyone can ask for. I was not surprised at the great tribute Jeff got because he was all of what they said and felt about him. I cry everyday for him but i know he is better off. NAncy, I can't say enough about you, Michael and your staff, how wonderful you made us feel and how important Jeff was. He went out in class cause yopu made it all happen. Like my son said, Nancy you are the best and he was the best. May God Bless You All. Love The Daniels & DeLuke Families

The Daniels & DeLuke Families December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy & Staff: Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.... Everyone was please with Foe's services. The children were pleased with her "presence"! You Nancy, John and Chase were there for us, all of you! Thank you Nunzio

Nunzio December 16, 2011

New York State Funeral Directors Association Att: Director 426 New Karner Road Albany, New York 12205 Dear Sir or Ms: In a day when we are so quick to criticize, this letter is intended, instead to provide accolades. Recently, my mother passed away. Although we lived in Florida it was my mother's desire to have her funeral and to be interred in Utica, New York. We contacted Eannace Funeral Home in Utica, New York. From our first contact, we received exemplary service in a superior facility. Once we entered the funeral home, we were treated as royalty. Every member of the staff was kind, loving, and tended to the needs of all of us who were grieving at the loss of our beloved mom. It was as though every staff member became a family member. In Addition, because of Eannace's exceptional expertise, our Mom looked absolutely beautiful. It was above and beyond what we could have expected! Even as we drove to the church, staff members were there to buckle/unbuckle our seat belts, help us out of our vehicles, hold our purses, have tissues available and to tend to every detail. I cannot express enough superior, exemplary, excellent service provided by Eannace. Although we have been to other funeral homes in Florida as well as in Utica, New York, none can compare (or even come close) to the services provided by Nancy Eannace and her fine staff. Accolades and more accolades to this fine organization. At a vulnerable time of loss as we experienced. Eannace's exceptional services and professionalism were invaluable. I can't fully express my gratitude for their professional expertise and distinguished commitment to excellence. Sincerely, Marie L. Peterson

Marie L. Peterson December 16, 2011

Dear John & Staff, I just wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" for all everyone did for me and my family, and the special treatment we all received throughout a very difficult and sad time. I understand why my mom chose your funeralhome - way back in 1972! From the moment we met with you I knew we had made the right choice. Please extend our thanks to all the staff, especially Nancy, who was extremely thoughtful of myself and my needs. We will be sure to send our friends and family your way should there ever be a need. Your services were absolutely .........PERFECT. Sincerely, Gina Bowman and family.

Gina Bowman December 16, 2011

Dear Nance and "Entire" Staff: I finally found a moment to sit down and write this letter. I wanted to express this personally, but our schedules seem to conflict. As I mentioned to you, one of Tina's wishes was to have Eannace conduct her funeral. She was always impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail that Eannace exhibited during the many funerals we attended at your facility. How right she was. I can't express enough heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for providing her with the dignity she so well deserved. I also want to let you know of the numerous comments Brady and I received from friends and relatives from out of town who were extremely impressed with your attention to detail, caring and compassion. Your professionalism stood out. I know it's a part of your profession(and job, if you will) to express that caring and compassion to your clients... but somehow we got the feeling that it might have been a little more personal. Tina and I thank you again for making her funeral a memorableone. You certainly helped to ease the pain. Very truly yours, Jack Endryck

Jack Endryck December 16, 2011

Dear John and Staff: On behalf of my entire family and myself, I wanted to Thank You for the tremendous supportm thoughtfullness, patience and understanding you gave us during this difficult time. You and your staff treated us like family with warmth, help and support during our time of sorrow. Please pass on to Sister Elizabeth our gratitude for her kindness and spiritual guidance. May God bless you and the staff at Eannace Funeral Home for your loving care of our mother and her family. Sincerely Richard Proulx and Family

Richard Proulx December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy, Mike and Staff; We speak for the entire Reittinger family and we cannot thank you enough for your assistance in our time of sorrow with the passing of our dad, Raph. The dignity, professionalism and compassion shown by you and your entire staff were beyond expectation. There were no details missed and the entire experience was as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances. Considering the complexity of the planning and the varying personalities and dynamics of our family, not to mention the grief and emotions that resulted, you and your staff always had the correct message to convey and suggestion and participation was noted and appreciated. Your treatment of my dad and family felt as if you had lost him as well; we will not forget. We received several comments from local and out of town friends and family regarding the outstanding services provided by you and your staff. More than once did we here that the services were beyond anything that they had ever experienced. Unfortunately we know that we will be calling on you in the future as the circle of life doesn't stop rotating for anyone. There is no question that we will be turning to you for your comfort and assistance when that need arises again. With our sincere appreciation, Richard, Kristin, and the Reittinger family

Richard, Kristin, and the Reittinger family December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy, Michael, Brenda, Chris, Jenna, Karen, John, Ron, Dominick, Chase, Matt, Kenny, and Scott. On behalf of my sweet mother Winnie, my family and I thank you for all your compassion, professionalism. Thank you for all your help and desire to get us through the roughest time of our lives in such an easy manneras possible. I shall never forget your kindness. May you all walk in health and happiness. God bless The family of Winnie Plante

The family of Winnie Plante December 16, 2011

Thank you for getting us thru such a difficult time. You did a wonderful job. Prosper looked so handsome, happy and peaceful. Sincerely Rose Nuccio & family

Rose Nuccio & family December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy & Staff, How do we begin to thank you for all you did to make our mothers send off to be with our Lord so beautiful. Right from the first moment we met at your office you showed us all such kindness, sympathy and didi so much that everything went so smoothly. You made mom look so beautiful (she surely did'nt look 99 years old). We want to thank you and your staff for all the help and being so efficient and caring. We think you all did the best that could be done and we thank and love you all for going above and beyond what was expected. God Bless you all Love and Prayers The Theresa Marconi Family

The Theresa Marconi Family December 16, 2011

To the Wonderful Staff: Words cannot express how pleased we are with the arrangements made by Eannace Funeral Home for Hilda Mardany. Each and everyone of you was fantastic. Your kindness and compassion is without compare. Every detail was executed with precision. You made us feel like family. You made us feel like we had known eachother all of our lives. I cannot thank you enough for making this difficult time as easy as possible for me and my father. I will recommend Eannace to everyone I know. You are the best. My Special thanks to John Lilli for knowing exactly what I wanted for my best friend and mother. With deepest gratitude Gabe Mardany and Gabrielle Mardany Hope

Gabe Mardany and Gabrielle Mardany Hope December 16, 2011

John Lilli & all the staff, Thank you for everything you did for us. Our father Frank Pellegrino, would have been very pleased with his send-off. Thanks for all the details and taking care of us and our family. Sincerely, Maryann Conigliaro and Nancy Stark

Maryann Conigliaro December 16, 2011

Nancy, There are simply no words to express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you and your staff (John, Karen, Chase) have extended toward our family during this time of loss. We are deeply grateful to you and your staff. Warm Regards, John Migliaccio

John Migliaccio December 16, 2011

I just wanted to thank you and your amazing crew for all of their kindness and professionalism in the handling of the passing of my stepmother Anne Martinelli. I thought everything was so lovely and looked effortless, knowing it was done with complete precision and care. You all made what is usually an awkward and very emotional situation smooth, peaceful and impressive. I have never been to a place where every person is on point. There was so much awareness of what people needed at exactly the right moment. Thank you, Elizabeth Martinelli

Elizabeth Martinelli December 16, 2011

Over the years I've been to many a wake and watched Nancy and staff meticulously care for the deceased and care for the family just as meticulously. She did it for my Dad in 1984. Last week it was my mons turn, Rose Maggiolino. I had met with Nan a week or so before to get an idea of what we would. Her attention was to my mom's life as though she knew her well and she did'n't want to miss anything. Her gentle and loving approach made it easy for me to reflect on her life. The wake was masterfully done with every detail of mom's life chronicled to a tee. As Nancy put it mom loved the game of chance and at her wake was an actual slot machine. My mom's passion was the slots. As people would come to pay their respects, I couldn't help but smile at how beautiful she looked and think to myself, what a wonderful send of for my wonderful Mom. The flowers Nancy helped design had a sparkle as did mom's personality, dress and jewelry. I have no regrets as I look at what a send off this great lady had. My mom would have loved it. For me it has helped to ease the pain of her going. The funeral was the same. I couldn't as for better. For those of us who don't think that your loved ones final send off isn't important, please think again. It will bring you much solace and comfort that right until the last minute you did the best you could and just because they are gone that doesn't mean you stop. I love you guys, Gratefully Mary Lou Kunkel

Mary Lou December 16, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all very much for putting together the perfect services to honor our father in celebrating his life. I could not have asked for a better experience. As difficult as this has been, you have helped get us through this and we will be forever grateful. All our love, the family of Romolo Ventura.

The family of Romolo Ventura May 02, 2022

Nancy and Team, I wanted to take a minute to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone for making our son, Ryan A. Biamonte services so very special. Everything was beautiful and we could not have asked for anything more. You all worked so well together and made sure all our needs were taken care of. Dominick, Dave, Chris, Zach, Scott, Chase, David, Nancy, you are all so wonderful! Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Angela and Scott Bowers April 07, 2022

Dear Nancy and staff, Once again you were ALL exceptional in providing us guidance and compassion every step along the way in planning our fathers service. The presentation of him was beautiful and beyond what we could of envisioned. He looked just like himself and clearly he cleaned up nice. Who knew! Your constant attention to detail shows in the many compliments we received from friends and family who attended the services. The genuine concern for our needs shown by everyone on staff let us know you had everything under control and we just needed to worry about our grief and being with our family. You are all comforting and very kind. I am sure I am speaking for my entire family when I say you made us feel like YOUR family and how you would treat your own. That's a special talent for sure and it appears to come very easy for you all. You are ALL "top notch" and did a wonderful job in all aspects of dealing with my entire family, handling with ease their many requests and making my dad's services something that I know he would have been proud of. A huge Thank you again to you all for everything you did for not only my family but those of our community. The service you provide goes above and beyond the normal standard. With sincere gratitude....

Carla Giruzzi November 08, 2021

Thanks doesn't seem enough to say to everyone who made my sister's viewing and funeral so beautiful, touching and full of love and kindness. Everyone of you became family to me and my family. Your support, kindness, love and thoughtfulness, helped us to get through a very difficult time in our lives. I wish you could have met my sister, she was amazing and so full of love and kindness to everyone who knew her. I admire you all for what you do to make families make it through a difficult time. Your sincere honesty, love, compassion and caring meant so much to me. David, your final gift of song at the gravesite was the greatest send off to the greatest woman I knew.

Susan Anderson September 30, 2021

To Nancy and all her staff. First of all I want to say Thank you to Derek for without Derek reaching out to me I would of made a lot of mistakes on trying to get my son back here to Utica from Las Vegas. The kindness and compassion that your staff showed during a very difficult time was so comforting to me especially and my family. The situation in Vegas was unbearable at times but you stayed on it. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough for such caring, compassionate group of professional people. I'll never forget you Nancy and all your wonderful staff. God Bless you all. Again Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤. The family of James Winston Jr.

Dawn Winston September 20, 2021

Thanks doesn't seem enough to say to everyone who made my sister's viewing and funeral so beautiful, touching, and full of love and kindness. Every one of you have become family to me and my family. Your support, kindness, love, and thoughtfulness helped us to get through a very difficult time in our lives. Wish you could have met my sister, she was amazing and so full of love and kindness to everyone who knew her. I admire you all for what you do to make families make it through a difficult time. Your sincere honesty, love, compassion, and caring meant so much to me. David, your final gift of song at the gravesite was the greatest send off to the greatest woman I knew. Love, Susan , David, Justin, and Valerie

Doris Bolanowski September 06, 2021

Dear Jenn, We all loved your Mom! She was one of a kind and always so unconditional. You will never know how your beautiful words touched my heart! Love, Nancy

Jennifer Dennison Karam (Nancy's response) June 07, 2021

Dear Nancy and staff, I want to thank you all for the time, attention , and compassion that you gave to myself and all of my family. This past year has been a true trial of your profession and I know how difficult it is to maintain such a high standard of service with the restrictions placed at our feet. Nevertheless, there was never a moment of anxiety or worry for me with regards to my grandfather's care. Knowing he was under your care gave us all peace of mind. The time each of you spent attending to our needs, questions, and wishes is more appreciated than you know. I understand this is all the more cumbersome with each child in a different state- everything was still seamless. You and your staff set such a high standard for those in our profession. Experiencing this first hand was, and is, truly a gift to me. Thank you all for honoring my grandfather as he deserved and for giving us all a beautiful send off and final memory of him. With deepest gratitude, Carrie-Lynne, granddaughter of John B. Nicotera

Carrie-Lynne Sowari May 19, 2021

Dominick, Thank you for such a beautiful service you provided for my grandfather. The small moments of inclusion you allowed me were so largely impactful and I will forever be grateful to you for those beautiful memories. The things I do for others every day done for my grandfather brought me so much honor. As I said to you before - being a funeral director there is usually anxiety sending a love one to someone else's care, but there was never even a moment of concern for me because I know the level of care and service that you provide. My family and I are so thankful that we have such dedicated people available to us when we need you. thank you again, Carrie-Lynne Sorvari, granddaughter of John B. Nicotera

Carrie-Lynne Sorvari April 08, 2021

There is no way that I can express myself for all that you have done for my family and me. The words just don't exist. All of you have been tremendous. Thank you is just not enough!

Ron Meays

We can't begin to thank you for all you did to care for our mother in life, and in death. I think even SHE would have been proud of the service and your constant class and advocacy on her behalf. Thank you for showing our mother so much love and respect in life, and also in death. With appreciation.

The Nassar Family February 24, 2021

Dear Nancy, I am so very appreciative of all you did for our family when Mom passed in July. You and your staff attended to every detail with such care and professionalism. The purple colored roses you gave to each of the grandchildren were beautiful, and now, pressed and dried- a lovely remembrance. I'm grateful for the family history you and I have.

Cheryl Ficarra December 01, 2020

Dear Nancy, Thank you for your generous gift of TAPS Our Duty for Frank's services. "Your Amazing" I can't thank you and your staff enough for making everything perfect, "I knew it would be" Love Palma

Palma Malta October 28, 2020

Dear Nancy and associates, My family and I can't express how grateful we are for all your help and support during my mother's passing. Her funeral was beautiful and we know she would have been very pleased. Sincerely, Regina Panzone

Regina Panzone October 28, 2020

Nancy, On behalf of all of my family, thank you for all your did to make the passing of my mom a beautiful celebration of her life. (The fact that you called me back after the phone conversation with the family to explain everything to me more clearly shows you go above and beyond to take care of your families at such a trying time.) Thank you so much for everything. I hope I get to see you when I'm in Utica sometime. Sincerely, Natalie (Rocci) Kielar

Natalie (Rocci) Kielar October 28, 2020

We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for how generous you were in helping us honor our son James. His wife Christal and his boys, Sal, Giovanni, and Vinny are most grateful. Everything was beautiful and the amount of time all of you spent organizing the services is beyond words. Remembering all of you in our prayers. Stay safe and God bless!

Dyana Cornacchia September 25, 2020

Just a much needed note to thank you for what you do. The kindness, patience, and compassion demonstrated by the entire staff is second to none, and is what grieving families need during their difficult time. Following your lead and guidance through this overwhelming time truly brought me much needed comfort. May God continue to bless you, for what you do is certainly difficult.

Linda Geno August 11, 2020

Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for making everything perfect for Tom's services. You and your staff are exceptional in providing for our every need during a most difficult time. I'm sure Tom would have been very pleased. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to your wonderful staff. We are truly grateful for all your kindness and most of all for your friendship. We love you all as did Tom. Love, Flo & Amanda

Flo & Amanda DeSimone March 05, 2020

Thank you for steering our ship of sorrow into calmer waters during our time with you. We valued your knowledge, understanding, sympathy and kindness, time and effort during this very sad time. We thank your staff for all their efforts on our behalf. They say that grief comes in waves and intermittently subsides, but for us the waves are still crashing on the shore. Thank you!

Family of Rosann Allison (Pumilio) Bartholomew February 20, 2020

To the staff - I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have given us. Your kind ways were so very appreciated. All of you are just amazing - knowing just what to do at these difficult times. Thank you again for everything. You are all so very special. Love, Julie Dybacz

Julie Galimo-Dybacz December 31, 2019

Dear Nancy and Staff, We wish to acknowledge with deep appreciation the many acts of kindness, love and support shown to us during this very sad and difficult time. Your professionalism, compassion and attention to detail are second to none!! It brought us great comfort knowing that our beloved parents received exceptional care and were treated with the utmost respect and dignity right to the very end. The arrangements and services were beautiful. Our hearts will forever be grateful to you and your outstanding staff! Thank you!! With Love, The Scarchilli Family

The Scarchilli Family December 19, 2019

Dearest Nancy, I sincerely hope my words will reflect what is inside my heart. You are a gift, a blessing, a friend. You have left a permanent imprint on my spirit. How could I even begin to repay you, to show my deepest gratitude for the woman you are... I would feel uneasy to say thank you for the beautiful job you did honoring our precious daughter Erin. For what you do transcends any form of a "job", it's much, much more than a career, a business; more than bricks and material dressings in your establishment - your home, the feel and presence of being home. Your love and compassion knows no limits, knows no prejudice, knows no judgement... You are connected to our family always. I bought this cape for myself and one for Erin that was to be hers for Christmas. I would be honored if you would accept this in her memory; And I know if you had the chance to meet her in this world, she would have stolen your heart, and loved your style and spirit. Forever connected, Kelhi

Rodney and Kelhi Giarrusso December 04, 2019

We are truly so grateful for all of you and the love and compassion you've shown to our family. We can never thank you enough. Much love, Shep & Leslie

The Family of Mia Nancy Murray December 06, 2019

To the Staff: Thank you for making this day and throughout this time with my husband with love, prayers, and compassion. You made this (our grief) very important to console us. I thank you! God Bless You All! -Linda & Jesse Daniels

Linda & Jesse Daniel November 05, 2019

Dear Nancy, Dominick, Chase, Brenda & entire staff of Eannace Funeral Home: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as do Jay's wife, sister & son for the beautiful funeral you honored Jay with. He never received such royal treatment in his earthly life, but he entered his Heavenly home in style & grace. I am sure he is up there silently thanking you with that big smile on his face that he always had. As the Lord said, "Whatever you do to the least of mine, you do to me," so I am sure he is well pleased with your care & compassion to Jay & all of us. May god bless you abundantly for your never-ending love & care for all you serve, whether it be the rich & powerful or the small & meek. I am never surprised, but still marvel at the awesome service you extend to all who enter your doors. You are truly the best in your profession. Your Dad would be truly proud of you, Nancy; so hold that thought in your heart as you endure the great demands of this challenging profession. Love & Prayers to all - (Aunt) Helen Trotta

Helen Trotta November 05, 2019

Nancy, I don't know where to begin. Words can't express how thankful to you and your wonderful staff were to me and my family at this heartbreaking time. You went above and beyond and I will be forever grateful to you! I'm proud to call you my friend and thank you for being mine. Love Marie Graziano

The Graziano Family September 18, 2019

Nancy & entire staff- Wow- just wow! You people made us feel that our Dad was the only person you've ever taken care of. Down to every last detail- it was an incredible 2 days. We love you all for creating such a memorable, loving event for our Dad. God Bless all of you. Love, Mia & Tee

Mia DeBernardis & Teresa Dunn August 15, 2019

Nancy, Scott, David & Everyone, Thank you for your support and caring at this very tragic time. You are God’s angels to us and we will never forget what you did for us! The Calling Hours were so positive and uplifting but the Funeral Mass was the best many said, ever attended! What a wonderful testimony to our dear Fred; husband, father and grandfather! Your love and sincerity will be treasured always. Keep us in your prayers as you will be in ours. Love Cheryl Kopyt & Family

Cheryl Kopyt & Family June 28, 2019

Thank you my special friend for all the respect and top quality service you bestowed on my cousin Maureen and David you touched RoRo and I deeply. My heart goes out to you, you are simply the best. Your staff deserves a standing ovation also. Always, Janice - sending the best of my love

Janice Olivella June 13, 2019

Dearest Nancy & Staff Let me begin... Thank You to you and your lovely and talented staff. From our first meeting in the "Blue House" my sisters and I felt cared for and understood by you when you were planning Mom's service. We thank you for guiding us to honor and celebrate the life of our beloved Jane Marie, our Mom who we adored. Her wishes were presented beautifully both in the calling hours and service...your exquisite parlor (lovely touches of display & color accenting photos and flowers/Ireland, she & Dad <3) cont'd DVD sharing life photos & wonderful music! And yes, Mom's Celebration of Life, in prayers, readings, music...a lovely flow... and David's Ave maria. In spirit, Jane Marie loved it and said "Thank you my beautiful daughters, BE BRAVE!". I want to express my appreciation for all that you and your staff did for my mother and her family & friends. Certainly there were tasks done and different touches that added. However on the day of my mother's celebration, the attention you and your staff showed to Mom's family & friends meant the most. Your understanding of the grief process was enacted throughout the day. My mother would have appreciated the personal connections & conversations of the day. just the manner of your anticipating needs - nothing wen unnoticed. Nancy...absolutely perfect! I feel @ peace with our adored mom & "my little girls" meeting Dad. With love & gratitude, Alicia P.S. Thank you for lock of hair, lovely booklet, & laminations.

Alicia Davoli May 28, 2019

Nancy, Christine, Dominick, David and Staff, Words cannot say how we feel with the service you provided our mom. It was “TOP NOTCH” from the beginning. To this day our friends tell us what a beautiful job you did and never had a funeral home made them feel like it was as welcoming as yours. We can’t thank you enough and I am so glad my mom wanted to change to Eannace Funeral Home to be her final place to be visited before going home. You guys and ladies made her look beautiful as she was! We thank you for that! Nancy, you were not kidding when you said you would make us feel like we were at home with mom and we love you for this. Your staff is top notch! I have to say we found our new family funeral home! Love Jon and Lisa Fitch.

The family of Barbara J. (Jacobs) Fitch May 01, 2019

Dear Nancy, words aren’t enough to thank you and your staff, Dominick, Scott, David, Chris, Sarah, Brenda, and everyone in the “Eannace Family” service. You make people feel like family. You all show love, care, and respect as if they were your own. The professionalism goes without saying. You have a staff to be very proud of indeed. This was the last thing I could do for my mom, I couldn’t have done it so beautifully without the blessed people from Eannace. Thank you all, Lori & Joe

Lori Nobles May 13, 2019

Nancy and Staff - God sprinkled you down on earth to do what you do - so loving and caring - I will never forget our special time together - thank you for taking care of my mother through her final journey. XO. Robin Turchetti

Robin Turchetti May 01, 2019

Dear Nancy & Staff, We can not thank you enough for how relaxed and prepared you made us feel for our father’s wake and funeral service. The planning process was organized & tasteful. You tended to our every comfort during such a difficult time and even had us laughing & reminiscing often during our long meeting together. The services themselves were handled precisely to our wishes. You provided more than adequate staffing and again made sure even the smallest detail was handled without us having to give it a second thought. From beginning to end, we count not ask for a more beautiful or dignified process to honor the passing of our father. We know this is the business you are in but, you and your staff go above and beyond, seemingly without effort. You made us feel like family and we truly appreciate all that you do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Karen Chen & Michael Haddad

Karen Chen & Michael Haddad February 08, 2019

I wish to thank the staff for their services in the arrangement and presentation of my dad's funeral. Your kindness is appreciated.

Paul Migliaccio March 04, 2019

Dear Nancy, Our family has been served by Eannace Funeral Home since the days of my grandparents. Eannace Funeral Home recently lead my family through the ordeal of my mother's passing. Everyone on your staff, beginning with Dominick Vita, made us feel like we, and our needs, were the most important issues during these difficult days. David is a treasure. His words inspired and comforted us. His amazing voice, which is a true blessing, soared during the funeral mass and brought chills and tears to all. Each and every person who helped us, opened doors, took our coats, answered our questions, moved our cars, took care of absolutely anything we needed, each of them were kind, professional, comforting, friendly. We felt like we didn't have to worry about a thing, as far as the calling hours, preparation, funeral, and afterward was concerned. All in capable hands. Thank you for continuing the tradition and professional standards started by your father. May God continue to bless you and your staff. We are all so fortunate to be able to call on you when the time comes. Lorraine Post, for the family of Lorenza (DiCesare) Capozzella Giangolini

Lorraine Post February 28, 2019

Dear Nancy, This short note is to express my gratitude to Chase & Sarah for their kindness & patience when my brother died. I realize your line of work is very difficult and yet the tone you set, Nancy, is not lost on those of us who grieve. Every time I have had to attend a funeral at Eannace, I have felt your gentleness, warmth, & compassion shown through your staff, even when I did not see you in the immediate vicinity. You and your staff have always given the highest level of concern for those who are grieving. Thank you for your important contribution to our community. Please acknowledge Chase & Sarah. Sincerely, Lucy Brodowski (sister of Rocco DiPerna)

Lucy Brodowski February 15, 2019

Dear Nancy & Staff, Thank you all for your genuine care and concern throughout the arrangements and services for our dear sister Kathy. The memorial for our sister was just beautiful thanks to all your help and professionalism. With sincere gratitude, Rosanne Lewis and sister Gail, LuAnn, & Susan

The Lewis Family February 15, 2019

Dear Nancy & Staff, Thank you for your kindness and wonderful, beautiful Celebration of Life you and your staff planned for my beautiful mother. It was as perfect as such event could have been. Such a difficult and painful forever loss- you all were kind and caring. And, thank you for the "Drops of Jupiter". I just bought tickets to see Train in July and happen to read about their wine. Wow! So impressed you found such a sweet gift! Love, Belinda and my whole family!!

The Leogrande Family February 04, 2019

There are no words to express our appreciation of the love, compassion and care you shared with our family during our beloved mother's funeral service. Your coffee, desserts and attentiveness was over and beyond. Family members are still talking and sharing their memories with friends. Thank you and your wonderful staff for us. Your good deeds are written in God's little book. May God Bless You Always. Love, Judy, Rock, & Mary

Mary Chiffy December 23, 2018

To everyone at the Eannace Funeral Home! Thank you for the support and comfort you provided, it was beautiful! Charlene & Joe Pisani

Charlene & Joe Pisani December 14, 2018

Dear Nancy, Once again you have helped my family through a difficult time. Willie and Max spoke so highly of you - they were lost as to what to do for their Dad Allen. I will always remember the services you did for my nephew Nathan Blehar and for my Mom Marion Darman. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lauren A. Darman

Lauren A. Darman December 14, 2018

This was my first time on the other side, and I have to commend you all on your professionalism and the comfort you helped bring my family and I. Every detail was thought of and nothing went unnoticed. You guys do a hell of a job and I just wanted to send a little praise your way. It means the world. Love you all... Jenna Ward

Jenna Ward December 06, 2018

“Thank you” does not begin to describe how thankful we are for everything you guys did. Papa looked amazing. You would have never known that his last two months with us were such a struggle. The suit was perfect. Everyone we spoke with couldn’t say enough good things about how beautiful the services were. The only response we could have said was that our EFH family was to thank for that. We cannot thank you enough. Thank you for taking suck good care of our Papa and making everything so effortless for us. Love you all from the bottom of our hearts. Love, Gianna & the Joseph family

Gianna Joseph December 03, 2018

Nancy, Thank you very much for the kindness you showed to me and my family during such a difficult time. We can tell that this is not just a business for you, but that you truly care about your customers. Each and every one of your staff were not only professional, but kind and comforting. On behalf of the Rice family, thank you for the support and assistance in the loss of my loving parents. Thank you, Diane Rice

Diane Rice November 14, 2018

A death, whether imminent or not, is a finality that leaves a hole in your heart. The planning and preparation for a loved one’s services is difficult. From start to finish, and beyond, Nancy Eannace and her team did something extraordinary ....they handled every single detail....those we thought about, and those we didn’t. The preparation, the visitation, the flowers, the church, the vocalists, the entombment and a list far too long to mention, were carried out with absolute professionalism and perfection. Our family’s needs were at the forefront of every team member. There are no words to express the gratitude we feel toward Nancy and her team for handling our family’s most coveted possession, our mom. Thank you! The Femia/Hawkins Family

The Femia/Hawkins Family November 09, 2018

Everyone suffers loss of a loved one. No one escapes it. I lost both my mom and my dad in the last 6 months. Dad and I chose Eannace Funeral Home tor mom. We were so comforted and pleased there was no choice to be made when Dad passed. Compassionate, caring, professional, thorough and committed to perfection is how I describe my experience with everyone at Eannace. Nothing was left to chance. With their help, we made all the right decisions at a time when decisions were hard to come by. When you suffer a loss, my recommendation, without hesitation is to seek out the professionals at Eannace Funeral Home.

Denise DiGiorgio November 05, 2018

The staff at Eannace Funeral Home were exceptional, caring, empathetic, and professional during a very challenging and difficult time for our family as we mourned the loss of our Father. The staff went above and beyond to accommodate us and make this transition manageable. Pastor David Ossenfort officiated the service and did a fantastic job. Our family is extremely appreciative of everything done on our behalf by the staff at Eannace Funeral Home. I truly believe that Dad would have loved the manner in which he was treated.

Cesar Nicole Jr. October 13, 2018

Nancy & Staff, Ann and I would like to thank you and your staff for all your help in arranging Theresa's service, which was beautiful!! Your professionalism and loving care for Theresa and us is beyond words. Please see that your staff knows how much it was appreciated. Thank you. -Ann & Peter Mastrovito

Ann & Peter Mastrovito September 05, 2018

The service provided by Eannace Funeral Home was excellence! The presence and dedication during our bereavement was greatly appreciated. Nancy Eannace and her staff were very compassionate and you could feel and witness the gratitude that this organization brought forth to us and our family. On behalf of the Jessie Mae Patterson family we are truly grateful.

Eric Patterson September 02, 2018

Dear Nancy & the wonderful staff at Eannace, Our family cannot thank you enough for helping us to navigate through this difficult, sad time. Our brother, Rich, looked amazing, you go above and beyond for your clients. God bless you. Sincerely, The family of Rich Ossie

Beth, Theresa, Jerry, Sue, Al, Patty & Brian August 31, 2018

As we walked through the worst nightmare of our life, God sent us compassionate people to guide us and hold us up. Our gratitude for Nancy, Carm and all the staff. You always knew what to say, when to stand back and let us cry and when to offer comfort. The services were executed flawlessly and you thought of everything at a time when we were not capable of thinking. Our angel Marissa was beautiful as we sent her on her way to rest with the Lord. She has already given us many signs that she is there and we will look for her on the 'white bench' when it is our time to go.Thank you for your generosity with the videos, the pastries from the cafe, etc. Thanks to Carm for the beautiful picture! I look at it every day and remember her with love. God Bless you all for your kindness in all you do. Wayne & Sylvia Gentile and Family

The Gentile Family July 19, 2018

Dear Nancy, Mike, and the whole Eannace Team: Thank you for being there with me for the loss of my mother, Annette. As with my sister Angela ten years ago, each and every one of you played an instrumental role in taking what was a very sorrowful and difficult time, and turning it into one of great comfort, love, beauty and clarity. My mother left this world covered in prayer, peacefully and beautifully. The Holy Mass was our final act of love as we fully presented her to the Lord. Truly, you walked with us every moment on this journey with my mom. Please know that yours is a vocation of ministry and I will continue to lift all of you and your intentions to the foot of the cross as God continues to utilize each of you in accordance with His will. God Bless you! Lisa, Mark, Mark Jr. & Mike Sassman “For you have a very special place in my heart” Philippians 1:7

Lisa (Morosco) Sassman May 04, 2018

I would just like to extend my gratitude for the work you do for families and our community. I have had family who were taken care of by your funeral home, including two of my cousins who were very near and dear to me and also very young. One of the things that has stuck out to me is your amazing ability to write an obituary that hits the nail right on the head and can make tears come to your eyes. The details in each one, more than the last. I am a part of the fire community and we have lost someone very special to our brother and sisterhood. With reading his obituary, I was brought to hearts and began to think of how I never thank you for my own families’ arrangements. The services you provide are more than most, and are followed by love and care from your staff. Each time you pass a member of your tear you are greeted with a smile or a caring hug. Each one of you will extend a hand where needed and provide a shoulder to those who may not have one. It takes special people to do what you do and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding job you do.

Ashley Faubert March 30, 2018

Dear Nancy, Mike, Dominick, Chris and staff, Just wanted to say thank you for all you care and concern during Ron's unexpected passing. I could not have made it through without your help. I miss him so much! Thank you also for the cold cut tray and pastries. You are the best! Love LouAnn Mandronico

The Mandronico Family February 25, 2018

Dear Nancy, Thirty years ago when our beloved father’s wake and funeral plans were conducted and directed by you, our mother took care of all the details, removing us children from the sad, profound myriad details required to plan and enact a personalized memorial in his honor. As we faced the challenge to venerate the passing of our mother, Veronica, we stepped forth in courage, knowing that it was into your hands that she would ne ennobled, both in body in ceremony at the wake and funeral mass. She never wavered in her wish to return to Utica, to be prepared for eternal rest through the consecrated work you have devoted your life to; work which allows family and friends to adore their beloved in dignity, solace and quiet majesty. During our meeting preceding the wake, my siblings and I were able to breathe in please and exhale confusion, for your words and grace have us respite amidst our sorrowful task. Your expertise guided our decisions and led us to a celebration of her glorify as we lauded our beloved mother in a way she would have been honored and proud. Every single one of your suggestions was met by us with gentle favor. You intercede upon our behalf where we were struggling and provided illumination. We did so appreciate the moments of levity, and bringing your family friends, and your family – Maryrose, Lark, Robin and Ralph – into the hours of our meeting, for they were as much siblings to my momma as they were to us. That you gifted us further with treats at Ventura’s after the wake with all the Eannace siblings present to support our family, completed the extraordinary gifts which you bestowed upon us in honor of our Lady Ronnie, a women whom as you knew believed in the power of family and friends, especially when combined with food and libations! The flowers were exquisite; more beautiful than we designed them in our imagination. In addition, selecting two songs – one for the evening wake closing and one for the funeral morning departure, symbolized the musicality and heart by which our momma lived her life. Though illness and suffering diminished her physical form, you presented her to us restored in beauty. We thank you for this inspired work as we looked our last upon her earthly form, seared forever in remembrance. The solemn beauty of the funeral mass, aided by your world-class directorial team, greeters and pall bearers, reached the apotheosis of splendor in your choice of Mr. David Ossenfort as soloist. In addition, we offer our profound thanks for your gift of Ms. Olga Megedyn on violin. Her strings extolled a sublime reverence that will resonate within each of our hearts all the days of our lives. The music and musicians elevated the mass to the glory of God as we returned out mother to Him. Nancy, we honor your talent and understand why you are venerated in your profession. You and your team led us from navigating a sorrowful path to a completed and honorific journey. The wake and funeral were directed with the protocol and pageantry that has remained and penultimate standard you rise to, and meet, with every soul under your care. With blessings, love and light as you continue your journey, Kimaya Taylor and the Taylor siblings Susan, John and Leslie.

Kimaya Taylor February 05, 2018

This extra special thank you note sent to you today Hold more appreciation than any words can say For you're among the nicest people I have ever known, And you'll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown. Thank you everyone, With Love and Appreciation, Paula Urbanke and family

The Bevivino family January 14, 2018

Nancy and Staff, Thank you very much for your support and professionalism through this difficult time. I know my dad is proud of your care and of you honoring his life. God bless you all, Sal and Family

The Di Raimo family January 14, 2018

Dear Nancy and staff, My sister Joanne and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the expertise of your wonderful staff. Your tireless help, concern and guidance during this difficult time allowed us to spend much needed time with our family. My mother believed in angels and we know your staff were angels to us. In appreciation and love, Jeanette and Mike Swiderski Joanne and David Barnaba

The Pecorello Family December 10, 2017

Nancy, Mike and Staff, Where do I begin to thank you all for your kindness!! You take a very difficult time for us and make it a smooth process!! We love you all. The Jabour Family

The Jabour Family August 13, 2017

Dear Chase, On behalf of our family to you and Eannace Funeral Home, Inc., thank you for your services and assistance of the memorial arrangements for our beloved Harvey. With Love, Steve and Chenno

The Bowens Family August 13, 2017

Nancy & Staff, Words cannot express how you made a difficult day bearable. With all the different personalities, you made it seem normal and laughable. Simply put, thank you. Kistowski Family

Kistowski Family July 14, 2017

To Chase and staff, My family and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you and your staff. We are forever grateful for your professional service and kindness that was shown to my family and me, during this most difficult time. My mom was laid to rest with beauty and a sense of peace. My mom would be pleased. I hope you find honor in knowing what you do as a profession in life means so much for our family as we go through the grieving process. Sincerely, Leslie Paul and family

The Scavo Family June 08, 2017

Dear Nancy, Mike & Staff, We would like to thank the Eannace Family from our large extended family for the beautiful, heartfelt, personal, gracious, sincere, and comforting service for Dad. From the moment we entered we were graciously treated like family with embraces, warmth, and heartfelt sincerity…in a most emotional and difficult time we were comforted with feelings of compassion and love. The beautiful sprays and bouquets of fresh flowers were much admired as were the words and personal touches that displayed so much care and time taken for our families and our dad’s life tribute. Words of gratitude cannot express our appreciation to this family for our wonderful memories created for Dad’s service and this will last a lifetime. Thank you from the DeMulders and Santino families. Words cannot express what our hearts have felt because of all your kindness to us. We will never forget your compassion and understanding. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude, Rhonda Santino-DeMulder & Family Ron Santino & Family Paulene Santino Deanna & Zachary Santino

Santino Family June 05, 2017

Nancy & Staff, No words can describe the gratitude we feel for the care and dignity that was shown to our mom while in your care. We could not have asked for a more “perfect celebration” of her life. Not one flaw, not one worry, she looked absolutely “beautiful”. We will forever be grateful to EFH and the memories of her final farewell will be etched in our own minds forever. Our mom deserved the best and she was honored with just that, because we loved her so much. Much love & forever grateful, Marie & Phil & the family of Agnes LaScala Russo

LaScala Russo Family May 31, 2017

Nancy & Staff, Thank you for going above and beyond during this very difficult time. A sincere appreciation to all for their time and patience. Sincerely Marian & Darlene Karam

The Mahana Family April 18, 2017

Eannace Funeral Home Staff, I want to thank you guys for taking excellent care of my son William Postal, especially Erica, Chase, and Dominick, as well as the whole staff there. Love you guys, Patty Postal & Family

Patty Postal March 28, 2017

Nancy, Staff, and our Eannace Funeral Home family, There are no words to express our appreciation and gratitude for all your kindness, concern, love, and professionalism shown to Bill and our family. Although we lost a “great guy” he will love forever through the wonderful memories that he created. He touched so many hearts – a wonderful legacy to leave. Thank you once again for taking such good care of our special guy. All my love, Angela Meola

Meola Family March 24, 2017

Dear Nancy and Staff, Just wanted to let you know how much you and your staff were appreciated during our loss. Every member of your staff showed kindness and compassion. It made all the difference! Thank you for all you do. Rose Ann Caporuscio

The Dziura Family March 16, 2017

Dear Nancy, Dominick, Chase and members of the Eannace team, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you as my family grieved the loss of my dear grandfather, John Potenza. All of the funeral details were executed flawlessly and not only did you honor my grandfather with such grace and dignity, but you enabled the family to grieve in such a peaceful and loving environment. I am also greatly appreciative that Nicolette was able to watch our son Robby, during the funeral services. Knowing he was well taken care of was one less thing on our plates during this trying time. You and your team will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you again. Warm Regards, Gina Rigsby

The Potenza family January 10, 2017

The Eannace Family, Where do I start to thank the entire staff? You walked us through a very difficult time with great ease. No words can describe how much we appreciate how you handled the saddest moment in life.

The Jabour Family December 14, 2016

We want to thank everyone for the support you gave us. The tissues, the obituary, the thank you notes, the picture video, the prayer cards, and all of the things we didn’t see. All of it. Thank you again for everything.

Garguilo Family December 14, 2016

Nancy and staff, My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for the kindness, concern and efforts during the recent services for my beloved grandfather, Elmer Caniato. From the beginning when Porter and Branden came to get grandpa, their professionalism was impeccable and the dignity they showed my grandfather was commendable. The display of grandpa’s favorite items was perfect and surely told a story of his life and what he truly enjoyed most in life. His DVD was perfect and I am sure will be viewed on holidays, birthdays and on days when he comes to mind. The staff during calling hours was attentive and saw to our every need. The music was perfect and Sister Betty’s reflection was extremely appropriate and well designed for him. He would have been happy with the arrangements for sure and how they were presented by you and your amazing staff. Once again you all took a time of sadness and made it into a beautiful celebration of life. I commend you all and thank you for another job well done which goes above and beyond all standards. With gratitude, Carla and Family

Caniato Family November 27, 2016

We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of our mom and our family during this time of loss. We appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness in which helped us through.Most especially we appreciate the guidance you provided and the wonderful experience of resting mom's soul and easing our hearts.

The Dispirito Family

Nancy, Dominick, and Staff Thank you so very much for doing such a beautiful job with our father's services. Everyone was so caring and thoughtful. Family and friends all commented on how nice the arrangements were. Dominick was especially good to us when we arrived at the house, and meeting with us about arrangements. Thank you again for everything

Alicia, Brooke, Jan Forte

Dear Nancy, Dominick, Sister Betty and support staff- Thank you so much for the compassion, understanding and support that you had shown us during such a difficult time for our family. Also, thank you for the living memorial tree planting in mom's honor. Your kindness and thoughtfulness have been a source of comfort. With much appreciation - The Militano Family

The Militano Family September 21, 2016

Dear Nancy, Here I am again trying to convey the special thanks I have in my heart for you ! You have such a difficult calling- trying to be all to everyone in their time of most need. Everyone grieves differently some get angry, some withdraw- but you meet them wherever they are with such inner grace! That is truly your gift! Again, I can never thank you enough -but I will ask God to do that for me! God Bless you and your work always with much love, Marie Pilla

Maria Pilla September 13, 2016

Nancy, Thank you, to you and everyone at Eannace Funeral Home for taking care of me and my family this past week. First of all, taking the time to see if my mother-in-law could be buried next to her husband, Donald Battelene was an incredible lift of a burden from Renae. Everything all of you did made us feel as if Dorothy's funeral was the only thing that mattered to you, even though you have to make everyone's funeral feel that way. Not an easy thing to do, day in and day out over years. I always thought you were in the dying business, but you are not. You are in the living business. You help those who are still living heal from the hurt of the loss of a loved one so they can continue to live in a positive manner. You also help families heal rifts from the past. Talk about hard to do, lol! In the case of our broader family you did both of these things for us. How about that for changing the world one person at a time? Words cannot convey our appreciation enough, so simply thank you.

Cole Henderson August 18, 2016

To the staff of Eannace Funeral Home, I would personally like to thank the entire staff of the Eannace Funeral Home. Everyone I came in contact with was warm, caring, and comforting. All who attended Lou's visitation and funeral, commented on what a pleasant experience it was and how well everything was conducted. I thank you all for the professional handling of Lou's services. You made a sad and stressful time easier for me. Bless you all. Pat Mounser

The Mounser Family July 25, 2016

I want to take this time to thank you all for the wonderful job you guys did with my husband Saul Garcia. Thank you for your kind words and hugs in such a difficult time. May the Lord continue blessing all of you. Thank you, The Garcia Family

The Garcia Family July 11, 2016

Nancy & Mike, There are rare people in this world who are caring. There are rare people in this world whose natural instinct is to put someone else’s needs ahead of their own; who offer encouragement when it is needed; who are always there to listen with a smile and a loving, open heart; who never want or expect praise for their good deeds because that’s just the way they are. You and your staff are a great example of those rare people. Our family cannot thank you enough for moving “mountains” to make it possible for my Aunt Sadie Bolos to be honored in such a special way. This past week you lifted such a weight off our shoulders covering every detail to make everything flow together so beautifully. The magic you created on how she looked just like herself only younger and ever more beautiful was so comforting for family members last contact with her. You and your staff are indeed angels and miracle workers who live on earth. May God give you strength and continued good health to carry on such important work! Sincerely and with much love and admiration, Joyce Showalter

The Bolos Family June 26, 2016

I wish I could find the perfect way to thank you for being such a thoughtful, caring person. You always seem to know just what people need and what will brighten their day. Kindness is such a part of your nature that I’m sure you’re not even aware of some of the little things you do that make such a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I want you to know your generous spirit has touched my life more times than I can count. And so, although I’m sure that “thank you” is a phrase you hear very often, I want to say it again and to tell you that I appreciate you more than you know. Marlene O’Connor

Marlene O'Connor June 22, 2016

Dear Nancy Just wanted to thank you and all the staff at Eannace Funeral Home for the service you provided to my family at the time of my father’s (Nick DeFuria) passing. Your care, compassion and the dignity that was shown to my father and my family during our hours of grief was nothing short of perfection. Every detail was meticulously carried out, and all of our needs were addressed by you and your conscientious staff. The follow-up care is also to be commended and was ever-so-appreciated by my family. It was heartwarming to know that even with the service completed, you and your staff extended yourselves so that we felt we had not been forgotten. The true professionalism exhibited by you and all your staff to every detail throughout all of the services provided was a blessing and we could not have imagined a more dignified farewell to our dad who we loved so much. Our grateful and heartfelt thanks to all at Eannace Funeral Home Fondly, Lisa Rocci and Family

DeFuria Family June 08, 2016

Dominick, Thank you for your help and compassion in guiding us through this very difficult time. The assistance you and all the staff at Eannace provided us is much appreciated. Francis and Francis Mark Kolarits

Francis & Francis Mark Kolarits May 22, 2016

Dear Eannace Funeral Home Family and Staff, Thank you so much for the way you handled my mom, Kathleen Popple. We were truly grateful for your professionalism and sensitivity throughout the entire process. Every person there was helpful and kind to us and everything was handled in such a timely and professional manner. Thank you for making such a difficult time just a little easier to handle for all of us. Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, Shana & Michael DeJesus

Shana & Michael DeJesus April 20, 2016

Dear Nancy, However can I express to you all that I feel? I was suddenly thrust into an extremely emotional and bewildering experience of making serious health decisions for my brother Mark. He had only come to me when he hoped I would be able to help him regain his health. The experience of seeing him fade so quickly was real and shocking to me, but from the moment we met with you, Nancy, we felt comforted and calm for the first time in two months. When the death of someone close comes without adequate preparation of our minds and hearts we are truly left confused and numb. I could never have attempted to plan such a beautiful funeral mass for him without your kindness and guidance. I don’t know how you knew so well exactly what I wished to do, from the beautiful and so appropriate gospel readings, to the choice of hymns that “spoke to us”. One only had to sit with you a while to know that God was speaking to me through you! You have truly been gifted with compassion, sincerity, and empathy and it shines through to assist those who come to you in need. We are truly blessed to have you and your amazing staff to call on. I can never repay you for all you’ve done for my family so I will leave that to God. Know that you will always be in my prayers. Much love and gratitude, Maria Pilla and Family

Maria Pilla April 16, 2016

Nancy and the Eannace Enterage, We continue to be impressed with all of you, your professionalism, your caring, your doting, your vision, for treating your "clients" to meet each's individual needs. Your sincerity, your love, your catering to the families, etc. etc. etc. May God Bless you as you continue your service to the deceased as well as their families.

Mary A. (Potenza) DiCesare April 17, 2015

To Our Eannace Family: Please accept our humble gratitude for all your efforts in helping us give "Nani & Poppy" a wonderful good-bye. All of those added touches made a difference. God bless you all for the work that you do! Love Binnie and Mike Fenton

Famolaro Family August 19, 2014

Thank you Nancy & Staff for being so kind to us. We made Gen happy. You people are the best. Your friends, Tom Ciotti Mia DeBernardis and Teresa Ann Dunn

Gen Ciotti September 26, 2013

Dearest John, How can I express my gratitude for all that you have done for us... not only professionally but also personally. I really do not know if we could have gone through this process without you. Now I know why my mother had such a special place in her heart for you. You truly are a gifted person and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. (we have my mother to thank for bringing us together) I am proud to call you friend. God bless you my dear friend. Much Love, Carla

Shirley J. DiCesare September 09, 2013

You are all very special people. So caring and comforting. I cannot than you enough. You took such good care of us at an awful time and I really appreciate it. Sincerely Kourtney Cooper

Jacob C. "Coop" Cooper August 07, 2013

Dear John, I can't say to you how much you helped us through a time when our hearts were broken. Angel looked beautiful. My daughter was impressed and thought that we would be treated differently because we had no money to pay. She always will have the memory of the compassion that you showed. The service was beautiful and the litlle medal that everyone got was so special. As well as the candle with Angels name on it. You made our family go through the hardest time our lives with such grace and understanding of all of our feelings, not just mom and dad but grandma too. I hae told everyone of the care that you provided and gave to my family. We each talked and said when it is our time we want you to take care of us. God bless you as well. Much Thanks with love from our family, Donna Wheeler

Angel Lugo April 01, 2013

John, Many thanks to you and everyone at Eannace for their patience and care given to our family this past week. Families like ours lean on you for the service you provide and you did not waiver in your support. Sincerely, Ron Fiorentino

Family of Robert "Bob" Fiorentino November 24, 2012

Nancy, Mike, Dominick, Sister Betty and the Eannace Family, We wish to thank you for doing such a beautiful job in the funeral arrangements for my dad. Your special touches added so much to his last tribute. We remain always in your debt. Love David & Cindy Circelli, Bernie & Johann and Connie Gigliotti.

Gigliotti Family

To Nancy, Chris and Staff, Thank You for being so special and helping us during the time of our loss. Much love and great appreciation. Tom and Michelle Anderson

Anderson family July 17, 2012

We will not forget all that you guys have done nor your words of kindness. It is with great appreciation that we will remember all of you-espcially Nancy and Chase who have made this difficult time a little easier to bear. The family of Touch Leam..

Touch Leam July 05, 2012

Dear Nancy and Staff- I can't thank you enough for all you have done for myself and the family at this devastating time. I was confident when I called you that you would do everything but breathe for me- and you did. Ryans memory and legacy were beautifully represented. I could'nt have changed a thing. I so wish you all owned a restaurant instead of a funeral business, it would be nice to see you again under a different situation. You have a very gifted staff Nancy- Love Donna and Danielle Aumiller.

Donna Aumiller June 07, 2012

To each and everyone of you who had a part in taking care of my mom Margaret E. "Peggy" Meyers, we thank you so very very much. Everything was beautiful and my mom got her wish everything private. You are all so PRICELESS to me. May GOD bless each one of you and keep you safe. Thank you Emily, Buddy and Chuck

The Meyers Family May 25, 2012

Dear Nancy, Words are inadequate to express my family's appreciation for the compassionate way in which you handled all of the arrangements for Ryan. You compassion and sympathy toward Donna, Danielle and Ryan's family were sincere and heartfelt. I have never and pray I will never again experience such raw and inconsolable grief. You and your staff were so accommodating and considerate to all who came to say goodbye to Ryan. O especially appreciated the way you treated Donna, allowing her to make very difficult decisions one at a time, without rushing her or overwhelming her. You helped her get through the worst days of her life. From the bottom of my heart ......Thank You... "Aunt" Renee

Aumiller Family April 03, 2012

John & Eannace Staff, I would like to thank you and the entire staff for your heartfelt thoughtfulness during our difficult time. You and the entire staff made my entire family and I comfortable and at ease with your warmth and caring, our grief was lessened. Thank you so much for the caring and sincerity you all shared. It is and always will be appreciated. God Bles... Clara Arensman and Family

The Arensman Family March 11, 2012

Dear Nancy and Staff Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family at the time of Joe's passing. You all made everything much easier for us and we wanted you to know that we truly appreciated it. Joe's family from New Jersey complimented on how organized the funeral service was and that they never saw one so well done.

Jean Giannatelli March 06, 2012

Dear Nancy, You did a wonderful job of giving tribute to Connie. I was very impressed with your concern and kindness towards the family and friends. It made it much easier for the Gaetano family during this difficult time. Sincerely, Alice Firley

Alice Firley February 17, 2012

Dear Nancy & Staff: I want to thank all of you for the beautiful service my husband Bill had. The comfort of knowing that he was in such good hands, helped us get through this sad time. You are all such great people. God Bless you all.

The Willis Family February 10, 2012

Thank you can hardly express my appreciation for all that you and your staff did to make Sister Rose Vincent's memorial mass such a wonderful event. We were all saddened at the loss of Sister, and know how much she meant to our community. She will continue to live in our hearts forever. Having the opportunity to remember her was necessary for so many people. Your generosity and dedication in honorind Sister meant so much to me.

Robert C. Scholefield, RN, MS, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, St. Elizabeth Medical Ctr. January 28, 2012

To Eannace Funeral Home: On behalf of our family, we would like to thank everyone at Eannace Funeral Home for the wonderful care we all received during the loss of our husband, father and grandfather Chuck Carr. Words cannot express the feelings of gratitude we have for the way you welcomed us as a family and treated our dad with the dignity and respect he so deserved. Everything was so well planned and thought out and you gave us the feeling that this was not just another job for you but the feeling that our dad was very special to you as well. We apologize that we do not remember all your names. but from the moment I spoke with Marty in the early morning on Wednesday to our meeting with Chase that afternoon, to stopping the funeral procession in front of our dad's house and throughout our entire time in your care we were treated with sincerity and genuine campassion and we cannot thank you enough. We are still blown away by the special memorial to our dad with the ten pictures we had picked out. We would also like to thank you for the way our dad was presented. He looked so natural and so peaceful with a little smile that told us everything would be ok. We have received many compliments from family and friends that this was one of the most memorable and touching services that they have ever attended. Your attention to detail and your thoughtful and ever present service to everyone in attendance did not go without notice and helped make a very sorrowful time for our family refreshingly pleasant and we trulu needed that. In our humble opinion Eannace stands heads and shoulders above the rest and we are so grateful that we had entrusted you with our hearts and the tender care of our patriarch. Merry Christmas and may God bless all of you. The Carr Family

The Carr Family December 21, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was by the service I attended for Mr. Michael Mallace on April 7, 2008. You did an OUTSTANDING job of honoring this mans life when I know you received VER LITTLE compensation for it. I left the service feeling as though I knew Michael and felt like he was honored and respected and your funeral home played a very big part in making that happen. I was very moved by what I experienced at his service. I could not let anymore time go by without letting you know what an absolutely FINE job you all did by showing such respect and honor to Michael and his family. People were watching and I must say, so was God. Pastor Joann Jansen New Life Church, Herkimer, NY

Pastor Joann Jansen December 16, 2011

Dear Friends: I have been putting off writing this note to you, because I've been attempting to figure out what to say. Words can not express the appreciation and gratitude for everything that you did for our family. From your immediate response to my mothers phone call, to your help as Jerry and I closed the apartment, you went over and above what you had to do. It is a comfort to us knowing that Pat was so loved by so many. The luncheon was a joy to gather family and friends. I am still having difficulty adjusting to life without my dear sister. I'm sure you are too. But knowing how many lives she touched in so many ways helps. Thank you again for everything you have done. ALL of you will be fondly remembered by all of us. Love, Mary DeGrazia and the Cannon/DeGrazia Families

Mary DeGrazia and the Cannon/DeGrazia Families December 16, 2011

Dearest Nancy, A personal Thank You to you and your fabulous staff for an utterly extra ordinary celebration of life for my beloved husband , Benny. My husband was a man of honor, integrity and pride and thanks to you and your capable staff that is the way he left this earth. I am devastated and find no comfort in anything or anywhere, however the memory of those two horses and carriage taking my beloved to his last resting place in glory does console me. We were treated like royalty. I am filled with gratitude and grateful that I have been blessed with a friend like you. Love, friendship and blessings to you , your family & staff Rita-Ann Rotundo

Rita-Ann Rotundo December 16, 2011

To John and Chase, You are both to be congratulated on your funeral etiquette at Mr. Della Galla's Service at St. Anthony of Padua Church. I was not sure how well you could do without Nancy's presence, you managed witha superb quality of grace that you both added to the service. Sincerely, Father LaFache

Father LaFache December 16, 2011

Nancy and John, We can not thank you enough for all you have done for us in this most difficult time. There are no words that can express our deepest appreciation! You do a great job for people in a time of such sorrow. Thank you again. Kristin Laraway and Daniel Rivett

Kristin Laraway and Daniel Rivett December 16, 2011

Dear John, Between being in Aruba the week before my mother's passing and the having her funeral arrangements immediately after my return. I had alot to deal with once I returned to my office. I am without a doubt super impressed with your work and personality. I can not tell you how impressed everyone was of the service provided by you and the Eannace staff. It is truly incomparable. Having been in the Hospitality industry for most of my life I have a true appreciation and a God given talent to recognize good, honest, hardworking people. I may not be the best as an individual performer, but I surround myself with people who are. And that I am one of the best at. You operate the Eannace business as if you own it and that's how a true leader performs. They are blessed to have you. Sincerely, Frank J. Fellone, Jr.

Frank J. Fellone, Jr. December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy, Dom, John, Chase, Christine, Carmie, Karen and Brenda: Thank you for being in my heart and in my mind these past few weeks. My mom has moved on to life ever-lasting and there is'nt an Eannace Funeral Home, Inc in Palm City, Florida. Thank you (Carmie) for showing me how to set up the room. Thank you (John) for showing me how to select the music. Thank you (Chase) for giving me the confidence to go with the moment- it all works out as it should in the end. Thank you (Brenda and Karen) for showing me the paper work so I Knew what questions to ask. Thank you (Nancy and Dom) for having faith in me- it sustained me at a time when I needed to have faith in myself. Thank you (Christine) for letting me know that it's OK to ask for help-and grieve. My moms Celebration of Life Service was truly special. I could'nt have done it without all of you. With eternal gratitude respect and love: Victoria Messier

Victoria Messier December 16, 2011

Dear Chase, It is with sincere and heartfelt gratitude that I write this letter on behalf of the family of Theresa Pauletich. Thank you so very much for all your assistance, kindness and professionalism during our family's time of grief. You have been blessed with an innate ability to put people at ease and remain a comfort to one and all during a difficult and emotional time. How fortunate that you have been led to a profession that not only suits you well, but in which you are truly gifted. Please , also express our thanks to everyone on your team who helped make Aunt Theresa's, Celebration of Life Service run so flawlessly. Each member had a role to play and did so effortlessly and quite capably. Thank you, one and all. May the Lord Bless you. Most sincerely, Dear Chase, It is with sincere and heartfelt gratitude that I write this letter on behalf of the family of Theresa Pauletich. Thank you so very much for all your assistance, kindness and professionalism during our family's time of grief. You have been blessed with an innate ability to put people at ease and remain a comfort to one and all during a difficult and emotional time. How fortunate that you have been led to a profession that not only suits you well, but in which you are truly gifted. Please , also express our thanks to everyone on your team who helped make Aunt Theresa's, Celebration of Life Service run so flawlessly. Each member had a role to play and did so effortlessly and quite capably. Thank you, one and all. May the Lord Bless you. Most sincerely, Diane Battista

Diane Battista December 16, 2011

Nancy As always, thanks for yours and your staff's attention to every detail during my mom's passing and my family experience. Your professionalism shines. Regards, Gerald Plante

Gerald Plante December 16, 2011

Dear John, I want to send my thanks to you all for making this difficult process much easier. My mom could'nt stop taking about how wonderful you have all been. I am honored to have my dad as part of your services. Sincere thanks again. Renee Graziadei

Renee Graziadei December 16, 2011

Dear Eannace Staff: Thank you for everything you've done and for being the special people that you are and for helping me through this journey in my life. I could not have done this without all of you. You are SPECIAL PEOPLE. Love Rosemary Vasile

Rosemary Vasile December 16, 2011

Dear John, Thank you for everything. You did a fantastic job. Sincerely, Gabrielle Mardany Hope, Esq.

Gabrielle Mardany Hope, Esq. December 16, 2011

Dear Nancy and Staff, You have the gift of making one feel just a little more important, a little more cared for. Thank you for all your kindness. Sincerely, Mary Briggs and the family of Sadie Clark

Mary Briggs December 16, 2011

Nancy, Dominick and Staff, Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful we are to each and everyone of you for making my father's services so easy on us and so beautiful for all. We always knew you were special - and once again you have proved why. Please be reassured (once again) that you are THE BEST at what you do and we will always hold a special place in our hearts for all of you!! Thank you again, Jeff Kimball and Family

Jeff Kimball December 16, 2011

just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to all of you on the handling of my husbands services. Everyone was so caring and attentive to our comfort and needs. Some people would say " well that is their job" maybe so but, never once did we feel that. We felt genuine caring and compassion. For that you are to be commended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you all. Sincerely, Earlene R. Stoddard

Earlene R. Stoddard December 16, 2011

On behalf of our entire family, thank you for making Frank DiPerna's last day a special and memorable one. We love the staff and services provided by your organization and the professional and sensitive manner that you service your clients and families. We are very greatful. Sincerely, Robert Brodowski

Robert Brodowski December 16, 2011

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you all did with Angie Taurisanos funeral and wake. Each of you were so welcoming and friendly when everyone stopped at the door and so courteous and professional. The home looked so clean and arranged so well. All the little extras from the book to sign in on and the kleenex packets for people. The flowers and the pictures and the videos that you did. What a wonderful celebration of Angies life. Thank you so much for your impressive job. Angie will be gretly missed by anyone thats met her. I wish you great success and please keep up the great work you are doing. Many of us talked about how nice you all were. Christmas Blessings to you all.

Joan December 15, 2011